REVIEW – Comfort’s Lame Effort For ‘Intense Freshness’

Unilever’s Comfort Intense came out earlier this year promising consumers ‘Incredibly Intense Freshness’ and being ultra concentrated, a small quantity of the fabric conditioner would leave clothes softer with a longer lasting freshness. Donnatella’s Space put it to the challenge.

Out of the two leading fabric conditioner brands Comfort and Lenor, the latter has always won in my houshold, for the softness in my washing and the lingering scent, making my clothes comfortable and fresh to wear. Occasionally I buy Comfort, which offers a wide range of beautiful scents, however, fails to pack the punch of lingering freshness once clothes have dried.

COMFORT INTENSE does not pack the punch of fresh fragranced softness.
COMFORT INTENSE does not pack the punch of fresh fragranced softness.

The new Comfort Intense came out on special offer at £3.00 for 960ml and £2.00 for 570ml which is a bargain offer for what was promised, but disappointment quickly followed. Although a full capload used in a 6-7 kg load is recommended, a full cap in my barely full loaded 6 kg machine did not give me the fruity floral aroma that I sniffed from the Fuchsia Passion and my clothes did not feel any softer than when using my previous fabric conditioner.

The reality of Comfort Intense is that if you want a noticeable freshness in your wash, you will need to use between 2 ½ and 3 capfuls, maybe 4 for over 8 kg loads. The most noticeable remaining scent after a wash is the Sunburst. There’s no extra softness and the only thing that comes close to “intense” is the packaging as Comfort Intense is easier to store away in the cupboards than the original Comfort containers.

*** out of 5

Weak in scent, fiddly spout but worth a trial if available on special offer. Doesn’t fulfil its promise. Use Lenor for quality freshness and softness.

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