#UKTV – Come Dine With Me Producers Looking For Contestants In Coventry To Take Part In August 2015 Filming

Channel 4’s most brilliant cookery show Come Dine With Me is looking for contenders in Coventry to take part in August. So any Coventarians willing to show off their cookery skills on TV and potentially win a grand apply NOW.

Come Dine With Me Coming To Coventry
Come Dine With Me Coming To Coventry

Come Dine With Me one of the most popular and addictive prime time TV shows on mainstream UKTV. Channel 4 producers are looking for participants in Coventry to take part from August 10th to August 14th           If you’re not familiar with the show (– Where have you been?), four or five contestants from one town or city in the UK each in turn produce a three-course meal at their home in order to host a night of dining with fellow contenders. Contestants will award fellow contenders a mark out of 10 after each night based on cooking and hosting skills.

Apply to producers at :

Email – cdwm@shiver.tv or

Call – 08712444142

If you’re a fan of the show you will know it’s not always so plain sailing. You have to be filmed cooking, there can be personality clashes with fellow diners or even worse, diners could hate your food leaving you little chance of winning the £1,000 cash prize at the end of the week.

I’ve been trying to persuade family and friends in Coventry to take part but everyone seems to be a little camera shy, despite having boasted of being able to execute better meals than ones on former shows. I’d love to see some familiar faces and see what Coventry can offer for entertaining viewers so show off those cooking skills …



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