Nene Will Be Missed On #RHOA

Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s original star, Nene Leakes stunned fans earlier this week with the announcement she was leaving the show to “pursue other projects”. Love her or loathe her, there’s no denying that the ‘boss of the ‘talls’ presence will surely be missed by viewers, up to the point where fans are wondering if the show can survive without her.

"Girl, Bye!"  Nene bids farewell to RHOA
“Girl, Bye!” Nene bids farewell to RHOA

So Nene’s finally gone ahead and gave back her peach to go on to bigger and better things leaving thousands of her avid supporters jaw dropped. Throughout the seven series of RHOA, fans have seen Nene learn about her birth father, divorce and remarry husband Greg, become a grandmother, succeeding as an actress, go through cosmetic surgery, start her own clothing brand, as well as the fall outs with almost every one of her cast mates, including the infamous “choking” of former Housewife, Kim Zolciak.

In the UK viewers are still awaiting the airing of Season 7, which according to the US fans, has stirred up more drama and division between cast members than ever. I like the vibe Nene brings to the show, even when I don’t agree with her actions and I can see there will be a big void following her departure. In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Mrs Leakes hinted she may return for a guest appearance from time to time so her presence will most definitely be felt on the show keeping the other housewives on their toes.

RHOA cast
RHOA cast

Can’t wait to see the bigger stuff coming from this lady and it’s been a pleasure and a bellyful of laughs watching her journey on the show. Out of the current cast, it’s only Phaedra who really ignites my attention. Cynthia, Kandi, and Porsche are just fillers for me and Kenya Moore is the ultimate wind up which can become tiring on a viewer every episode. It’ll be interesting to see how the dynamics change without NeNe.

MEMO TO ITVUK fans are eagerly and anxiously awaiting Season 7. We love the re-runs but we need to catch up ASAP.


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