Donnatella’s View – Rowdy Kate Goes Off Basic

I’ve always been a fan of Kate Moss since she was discovered as a model back in the late 80s. We’re close in age, I rate her style and she’s always seemed very “real”, despite her supermodel status. However, reports this week of Kate being police escorted of an Easyjet plane due to her “verbal aggression” to staff left a sour taste in my [Donnatella’s] space.

Will Kate fly with Easyjet again after being escorted of plane by police?
Will Kate fly with Easyjet again after being escorted of plane by police?

Various stories have emerged from Kate’s fellow passengers following the fracas on the Sunday flight. Some have defended Kate, saying Easyjet staff over reacted by calling cops whilst others have stated that Kate’s behaviour was disruptive and offensive from as soon as the 41 year old boarded the plane. Alleged antics include :-

  • Being angry that she wasn’t seated with her friends
  • Inebriated from drinking wine and swigging vodka from her handbag
  • Using bad language to crew staff after they ran out of sandwiches for passengers, but were eating pasta themselves. (So supermodels do like their food then!)
  • Rowing with a fellow passenger after being refused more alcohol
  • Calling the female pilot a “basic bitch” as police escorted her off the plane
Supermodel, not basic
Supermodel, not basic

Now although I’ve never travelled with Easyjet, I have experienced rudeness from public transport staff and have had to give a few a piece of my mind at times. However, Kate is an A lister celebrity. What graces did she really expect from a “basic” travel company like Easyjet on a £92 flight from Turkey to Luton UK?

Kate if you want to travel with your mates, drink like a fish, eat fine food and be treated like a star from flight crew, pay your way with a more reputable higher classed airline company and leave low-rate travelling to basic folk who save hard from their basic jobs to have a basic holiday.

A note to Daytime TV presenters justifying and making light of Kate’s alleged behaviour (maybe in the hope they may one day get to interview the model)… Would they have shown the same compassion and understanding had it been Kate’s fellow model Naomi Campbell? Or what if an American rapper that had used the word “bitch” to a female? Don’t think so somehow.

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