Alternative Health Remedies – Reiki, A Distant Healing Experience

This weekend I had my second reiki distant healing session which I urge anyone with long standing illnesses, severe pain or at a low point in life mentally to give a try. I can’t explain the full basis of reiki healing but this article gives a full example of how its benefits worked for me.

reiki hands

When it comes to alternative health treatment, spiritual healing or any psychic activity, I have always been dubious. It’s not that I don’t believe in their benefits, it’s that they frighten me (being of Jamaican heritage, I’ve heard enough about obeah to spook me out for life) and it’s extremely perplexing to work out which healer is genuine and gifted from who is taking people for a ride. My first Reiki experience was over a year ago and truly surprised me with its benefits. I was offered a second distant healing by Reiki Shaze at the weekend when an old injury flared up, I literally jumped at the offer. The burden of daily headaches, a recent three month bout of sciatica and now this re-torn ligament in my left foot had taken their toll on my body. I’m armed with painkillers and muscle relaxants but the battle with daily pain really screws your head in… I needed something else.

Click to read of my first experience with distant reiki healing
Click to read of my first experience with distant reiki healing

I’ve never met Reiki Shaze before but we do interact occasionally via social media. She knows I’ve suffered a brain haemorrhage, sciatica, got hearing problems, depression and this foot injury but during this second reiki session, Shaze tapped into much more than I had told her, which is why I have to share my experience.

My aircasted left foot Copyright D Woolcock
My aircasted left foot Copyright D Woolcock

A distant healing session requires the patient to lie in a comfortable position and relax allowing the reiki healer to tap into their spiritual energy for around 20 minutes to half an hour. I know all the sceptical doubters will be like “Yeah right! This healer is probably painting her nails/ watching the TV or out shopping”. Believe me the thought did cross my mind for a second but I have total faith in Shaze and I was able to just let my guards down this second session and allow her to work her magic. Almost instantly, I felt a spiritual presence within my body and a cool but warm sensation in my left leg causing an involuntary jerk from my left foot. Then, in the only way I can describe it, the pain and tension in my head felt as though a plunger was sucking it up from the centre crown of my scalp. This didn’t feel relaxing and I seriously thought I might have been haemorrhaging again for a moment, but I didn’t feel to fight against it either and allowed the healing to take it’s course. Around 15 minutes into the session, with the “plunging” effect continuing, I felt an energy sucking out the pain of a tooth in the left side of my mouth (which Shaze had no knowledge about) and through my left ear which calmed down my deafening tinnitus.

Surri, the doll used by Reiki Shaze to perform Distant Healing
Surri, the doll used by Reiki Shaze to perform Distant Healing

During the session, I often had bouts of heaviness and tightness within my chest and abdomen. I will have to ask Shaze if she picked up on anything I’m not aware of but I vowed not to message her until I wrote this piece. The discomfort was gone before the session was over, in fact it parted with a sensation of being hugged from beneath my body. There’s very little in life that makes me go “Wow! Amazing”, but this second reiki session did just that and I have more faith and belief in it than I ever had before. It’s natural to feel tired after a session and is recommended to drink plenty water. After my session I was thirsty with glutton and so tired I went to bed early and slept through until the morning, which is unnatural for me.

Am I cured of my ailments and pain free? No, not totally, but I’ve been able to walk without my aircast, which anyone who’s ever had one will know how heavy and stifling they are. It still feels as though a rope is tightened just above my ankle but I can walk without feeling my foot is about to snap off. My back feels much stronger, I can chew on my bad tooth and over the weekend, although the “head banger” has resurfaced in my head, I’ve had no seizures, a pleasurable plus sign for anyone with head trauma.

reiki stones

My conclusion… Like I said in my first reiki article, I still recommend it to people suffering in pain and are desperate to try something different. It’s not easy to let someone tap into your inner core, so make sure you feel comfortable with your healer and that they have certified recommendations. Everybody’s different and from what I’ve learned personally, your openness and ability to relax has a lot of effect on how much your reiki healer can help you. You have to block out the fear to reap the benefits. What’s the point in trying if you’re still going to experience pain anyway? Because it’s a natural healing, we pop pills for a lifetime yet still still feel ill. With reiki, your body is spiritually rejuvenated and mentally refreshed so even your train of thought is tapped into so you have a more positive outlook to how you deal with your pain, or even life’s dramas. Barely an hour after my session, I had a crisis to deal with and was in company of negative people. I was able to not be internally bothered and follow through with the situation without getting myself emotionally worked up and let the drama bounce of my shoulders. Reiki healing still scares the shite out of me, but it works. Friends I’ve told about it have scoffed and if I was reading this article two years ago I would’ve most likely thought it was a load of codswallop. Thankfully I found Reiki Shaze, who I hope to meet and personally thank one day in the near future. Maybe it will take whoever reads this to cross the path of a healer before they believe too. But I kid you not, every word in this article was written in truth.


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