UKTV – I’ve Got The Empire Bug And Loving It

Empire, Chocolate TV imported from the States is a big hit with UK viewers


American TV series Empire premiered in the UK this week and did not disappoint. The drama series is centred on the Lyon’s family who run a hip-hop entertainment company with all the twists and charades of a typical American TV serial, but with a black cast. Top knotch acting, fab plot lines, eye candy for male and female viewers, cutting put-downs and an “ass whooping” beatdown, all ghetto stylee. And all in the pilot episode.

The Lyon Family
The Lyon Family

Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard are an A class double act on-screen (as they were in Hustle and Flow). “Chocolate TV” is very rare here in the UK, so Empire is like an early Christmas present for black viewers. Especially now with Real Housewives Of Atlanta currently off air in the UK, a void desperately needed to be filled.

'Cookie Lyon' played by Taraji P. Henson
‘Cookie Lyon’ played by Taraji P. Henson

I love it, my girlfriends love it and people are giving it rave reviews. Of course there’s the haters who dislike the “stereotypical roles” of black people on TV, but they shouldn’t knock it before trying it. There is diversity in the script, along with humour and heart tugging drama too. And best of all, for me, there’s subtitles, because E4 look after their hard of hearing viewers (unlike Channel 5).

Roll on next Tuesday for episode 2. I’ll be watching, make sure you do too.

Empire on E4 @ 9:00pm Tuesdays


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