Random Rant – Kiss Off Kimberly Kisselovich

Despite the heart wrenching conflict in the Middle East and the fast spreading Ebola virus, Big Brother contestant, Kimberly Kisselovich has been making headlines in the UK media after losing a baby. Although I have empathy towards her loss, here’s why I wish Kimberly would just Kiss Off.

Out of the Big Brother house... Kimberly and Two-Second Steven
Out of the Big Brother house… Kimberly and Two-Second Steven

I had no idea who Kim Kisselovich was before she stepped into the Big Brother house 59 days ago. The Californian former Playboy model wanted the “experience” of living in the reality house with strangers (the prize money and gaining some exclusive deals with lads mags never appealed to her no, no!) and ended up gaining a whole lot more. Despite being in a “complicated” relationship at the time of entering the house in July, she managed to get into an even more complicated one with fellow housemate, Steven Goode (also 23), have sex on National TV, become pregnant then forced to leave the house prematurely in pain, suffering from an ectopic pregnancy.

Milking The Story

Whilst Housemates Slept.. Kimberly and Steven got jiggy in da house
Whilst Housemates Slept.. Kimberly and Steven got jiggy in da house

Now, losing a baby is nothing to poke fun at and I do feel some sympathy towards Kimberly on that point. However, my bugaboo with Kimberly and the media is the way how this story is being dragged out as “exclusive” news. This ‘broad’ had “issues” displaying her emotions and explaining her private life in front of cameras whilst she was inside the Big Brother house (she had no issues spreading her legs in a room full of others when Steven told her to “open it” though) yet since leaving the house and hospital, she has had no issues telling any media outlet about her pregnancy, her fallopian tubes and her fears of not being able to have kids in the future. Although she’s “deeply devastated”, she’s quite happy pose in a skimpy outfit, gazing lovingly into Steven’s eyes for pictures, despite these ‘sad’ events taking place over the last fortnight. The Daily Star is milking the story to keep up the Big Brother buzz, but fans are pissed because Kimberly and “Two-Second” Steven are taking the shine away from the Housemates still in the Big Brother house.

Rank Televised Tramps

Kimberly joking with Big Brother host Emma Willis about pregnancy rumours
Kimberly joking with Big Brother host Emma Willis about pregnancy rumours

Both Kimberly and Steven were disliked massively by viewers for their antics on the show. Yes fans love a BB relationship and a little discreet action to get the imagination in overdrive, but these two were just rank and thoughtless with their lust. Within weeks of knowing each other, they were in “love” and fucking on National TV. Kimberly initially claimed condoms were used and she definitely wasn’t pregnant in her first televised interview (with Emma Willis above) after leaving hospital. Now the ectopic pregnancy has been revealed as the cause of her mystery illness, she quickly backtracked and said the condom split. Was she pregnant before? Did they even use condoms anyway? If the condom split, why didn’t she ask Big Brother for the morning after pill? Kimberly makes no sense to anyone else but herself and in the very words of Housemate Helen, they’re both “tramps”.

Bitter Taste

Despite the trauma of losing a baby, Kim and Steven find two seconds to pose for 'bed-selfie'
Despite the trauma of losing a baby, Kim and Steven find two seconds to pose for ‘bed-selfie’

If a 23 year old from a council house estate behaved that way on a mobile phone footage, instead of a TV camera, she would be labelled every derogatory name under the sun, with a possible chance of appearing on Jeremy Kyle. Yet because Kimberly is a beautiful American Playboy bunny, she’ll rake in plenty £££ signs over the next few months with exclusive magazine deals in OK, publicising her relationship with Steven and popping out of a bikini for glamour shoots in Nuts and Zoo, no doubt. I don’t give a frogs fanny about either her or Sloppy Steven. I just wish the media would stop glamorising people like Kimberly for young girls to mimic or young men to think this is how all girls should behave. The media are quick to blame pop stars and internet porn for sexualising the youth of today, yet constantly ram stories of people who act disgracefully down the publics throat, then propel them into “celebrities”. As a mother and someone who works with young people heavily influenced by the “importance” of the media culture, it leaves a very bitter taste.

And who knows…Maybe Kimberly and Steven are genuinely in love, they’ll get married, have a family and grow old peacefully together… but I’m saying it won’t last.


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