David Cameron “Pimps” Cabinet In Aim To Draw In Conservative Votes


David Cameron’s new look Cabinet caused a media frenzy in the UK yesterday as he “pimped up” the Conservative party with 10 female MP’s at the forefront.  The media may be infatuated, but the public don’t really give a thigh flashing chicken leg.

Top Left, Priti Patel, Bottom left, Baroness Stowell, Centre, Esther McVey, Top R, Penny Mordaunt, Bottom R, Liz Truss
Top Left, Priti Patel, Bottom left, Baroness Stowell, Centre, Esther McVey, Top R, Penny Mordaunt, Bottom R, Liz Truss

The UK media has gone overboard with Prime Minister, David Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle… Who’s in, who’s out, more women, younger women, their outfits, the fight to get votes, blah, blah, bleurgh. Do any of the the eligible, but non-voting UK public give a stuff? Not much at all. If Cameron or his Whip team think this “power women” team will get more bums down to the polling station, they are sadly mistaken.


Yes it’s refreshing to see more women in the political arena which is largely seen worldwide as a man’s ball court, but regardless of gender, the general public don’t trust politicians in the UK, that’s why they don’t vote. In a recent survey, 7 out of 10 people under 50 in low income jobs or unemployed admitted they do not vote as they don’t have faith in any political party. With the heavy increase of immigration in the country, those that do vote are swinging towards the UKIP, for a more ‘Englandish’ England. With the recession, a struggling NHS, poor education added to immigration woes, the government has been screwing up this country for a long time.

Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary
Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary

Parents don’t give a hoot if a man or a woman heads the Education department, they just want their kids to get the best education and can get a decent paid job when they leave school. Employment Minister, Esther McVey may have hit the front pages with her thigh flashing attire yesterday but can she push the unemployment figures down? Politicians don’t live in the world that the you and me brother lives in so how are we supposed to relate to them? The most powerful woman in UK politics, the late Margaret Thatcher was equally loved and loathed as a Prime Minister. Now with revelations that she was active in a possible cover-up of sex abuse allegations of members of her party in the 80s, the respect she had is waning.

Employment Minister, Esther McVey before her political career
Employment Minister, Esther McVey before her political career

Cameron and other party leaders need to interact, listen and learn more from the British public if they want to gain votes. Throwing brightly dressed smiling women may make the House of Commons look brighter, but our country is still in a very dark place. The media can shove the reshuffle story down our faces till the cows come home but until Mr Cameron is caught pants down on the House of Commons bench with one of these luvvies, the average Brit doesn’t give a sh**.  You know how it ends.





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