UKTV- Big Brother UK 2014 – Baddies and Floaters


Eviction no 3 looms for Housemates in Big Brother tonight for Toya, Christopher, Jale, Danielle, Marlon, Ash, Winston and Chris. Read on for my Eviction Prediction and a roundup of week 3’s antics and arguments in the house.

2014 eye

EVICTION PREDICTION – Hot Mouth TOYA  A Washington was the public’s fave to leave the house this week but as her temper cooled into sly bitching, her main rival, MARLON Wallen along with model ASH Harrison could find themselves in danger. Marlon for his derogatory outbursts that upset the ladies and Ash for his “maggot” comment to JALE and having his head firmly stuck up ‘House Bully’ HELEN‘s arse. Personally, I don’t want either Toya or Marlon to go only to see if Toya is a woman of her words and walks.

Helen Wood

BADDIES & CLASHES – After PAULINE‘s exit last week, TOYA stepped up as matriarch of the house when she and MATTHEW were granted Power Housemate status. It didn’t fare well when Helen’s Hounds (Ash, Winston, Marlon and inbetweener Steven) got upset about the void nominations. MARLON and TOYA then became sworn enemies trading verbal blows and splitting the divide in the house further. Further into the week, HELEN (no surprise there!) and Matthew got into a war of words all over the subject of a “tit wank” in a spin the bottle game lol. Fuelled with alcohol, Helen blazed a tirade of abuse and insults at Matthew which led to a formal warning from Big Brother. Well, as Hot-Headed Helen can’t control her vile gob after a drink, I can’t see her making the final (she’s granted a pass to the final) then. We’re only just into week 4.

Floaters Kimberly and Marlon
Floaters Kimberly and Marlon

FLOATERS – There’s those that sit on the fence, then bitch in the diary room (CHRIS, ASHLEIGH) and floaters who dwindle in between groups of popularity and power as the daily action flows. GUILTY – KIMBERLY, the US Playboy model was all full of morality with the good girl group (Danielle and Ashleigh) last week now she’s puffing ciggies with Helen and her hounds. The same Helen that tore into her for taking a shower with WINSTON and the same MARLON that she couldn’t bare to be around because of his crude and lewd behaviour. Her feelings for STEVEN are as fake as her personality. Kimberly’s looking for longevity in the house and avoiding confrontation by keeping in with power group. MARLON was originally the reassurer of comfort for attacked housemates (JALE, CHRISTOPHER) but since his flare up with TOYA, he’s playing it cool with the power skool. Danielle and Jale are potential floaters, they’ve both felt Helen’s wrath and are strumming to find a ‘place’ in the house and live in peace. Danielle laps up any sign of friendship and hangs there until she’s ignored, Jale uses the “friendly advice” approach on warring housemates which may soon well backfire on her.


HOUSEMATE OF THE WEEKMARK‘s also a floater, but he’s so blatant and loud with it, nobody really gives a shite. His campness, pirouetting between arguments and his dramatic outbursts have brought some comedy moments into the house this week.

Hurricane Toya
Hurricane Toya

BADDIE OF THE WEEK – Power went to TOYA‘s (above) head this week and Miss High and Mighty revealed a nasty side of herself when during her clash with MARLON she remarked, “…at 22, I had a law degree. You’re [MARLON] 22 and working in an opticians”. There was no need for that low blow, especially on National TV where most of the audience watching are unemployed or struggling on low paid, everyday jobs. These guys are using their money to vote, you idiot and seeing as TOYA also wears specs, she should check herself and her mouth.

Young Gun Ashleigh
Young Gun Ashleigh

BLOOMERS – It was nice to see both WINSTON‘s funny and dark side when he teased Kimberly over ‘showergate’ and tore into TOYA rather than just fleck his pecs. ASHLEIGH who was virtually an invisible housemate over the last two weeks has certainly got a bee in her bonnet with Helen. The dirty looks, the bitchy remarks… young ASHLEIGH is more than a pretty young thing. It’ll be interesting to see how she’ll unleash that anger if TOYA leaves tonight and I’m sure all Big Brother fans are waiting for her and Helen to lock horns.

And I’m still p!ssed with Channel 5 for ignoring deaf viewers pleas for subtitling during Big Brothers Bit On The Side.  I feel like setting Helen on them.





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