UKTV – Big Brother 2014 First Impressions


Well Big Brother’s back on our screens so it’s officially SUMMER. It’s not even a week since 16 housemates entered the “Power Trip” house and already there’s been flirting, bitching, tears, tantrums and squabbles. Just what the fans love.

2014 eye

Considering the launch show only kicked off last week Thursday, the “Power Trip” theme has certainly spunked up the vibe in the house with treats and punishments. My opinions of housemates often change as the weeks go along. Currently I’m loving rough and real Pauline Bennett and I’m hating the moaning moralistic Danielle (who’s up for eviction).

'Mommy' Housemate Pauline
‘Mommy’ Housemate Pauline
Gobby Helen
Gobby Helen


On arrival, the majority of the housemates appeared a good looking young mix, models and rich kids. However, once the make-up came off, a lot of the girls looked dog rough. Wayne Rooney’s fling piece, Helen (granted a pass to the final) isn’t as kiss and tell as some viewers would’ve hoped her to be (yet!), but she’s most certainly got a gob on her when she’s had a few bevvies.


Suave Steven
Suave Steven

Essex boy, Winston is the most obvious ‘up-for-it’ lad and Steven, who I totally disliked at the launch show,

seems up there behind Winston and his potty mouth humour cracks me up. He gets the Classic Line Of The Week from me… Whilst discussing dating with American playboy model, Kimberly, he says “You [Americans] call it dating, we [Brits] call it shagging”.


And is it just me but does anyone see a resemblance between killer nomination victim, Jale and Sonia Jackson (Natalie Cassidy) from Eastenders????




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