UKTV – Coronation Street Review (Tina’s Death)

DonnaTeller gives her verdict on last nights episode of Coronation Street (Tina’s Fatal End) and explains why another cast member would’ve been a more believable killer.ย 

Tina hits the cobbles
Tina hits the cobbles

After all the anticipation that’s been building up for Corrie fans since learning Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre) was leaving the soap an age ago, she met her fatal end last night on the cobbles. For many fans, her exit was welcomed after the far-fetched love affair with alcoholic Peter Barlow became a gutful.

Killer Rob
Killer Rob

For months now, viewers have been teased by the show producers as to who would be the main suspects to Tina’s murder… Peter Barlow (too obvious), Carla Barlow (understandable), Tracy Barlow (she’s done it before) and Rob Donovan (why???). The latter, Rob, was indeed the culprit and instead of the act being a cold blooded murder, it was a bustle and tussle which ended with Tina flying over the balcony after a heated argument.

In the Donnateller plot, Simon would've killed Tina
In the Donnateller plot, Simon would’ve killed Tina

Personally, I’d been hoping for an unexpected red herring bluff that would have seen Peter’s son, Simon ‘accidentally’ kill Tina. Well, besides Leanne, Peter and Tina were the two people he was closest too. And they were planning on running away and leaving him behind. Simon has a form for aggression…bullying Dev’s kids (Aadi and Asha) and stepmum Carla has felt the force of his wrath many a time. For me, tired of the same old plots interweaving through Brit soaps, it would have been an exciting twist. PRODUCERS TAKE NOTE fans love a soap child villain.

On a lighter note, whilst watching the episode, it was fun to see Roy’s reaction as the lover’s tiff between Tina and Peter took place and the twitching of his curtains to glimpse more. Maybe he should’ve been the killer. After all, why should a wretched hubby stealer like Tina breathe whilst his perfect Hayley was cruelly taken away from him.




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