Lady’s Celebrity Crush List…The Down And Dirty Selection


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The Down and Dirty selection are the male celebs ladies fantasise would be the most experienced and exploring between the sheets for mind blowing sex. A lot of heated words and sulky faces were exchanged in the DS team whilst compiling this list. Our thirsty poll have difficulty deciding which celebs look Down and Dirty, and which ones they just want to get into their beds. Here follows the hot six male celebrities that ladies guessed to be the most sexually obscene.

Rolling the tongue - Lil' Wayne
Rolling the tongue – Lil’ Wayne

1.  LIL WAYNE – This pint-sized rapper with his dreads, heavy tatts, rugged thuggish looks and saucy mouth has females ranging from adolescent teenagers to grown women in their 40s ready to drop their drawers for him. The 31 year old, father of four’s profanity laden lyrics, rock infused stage performances display an insight of how wild he must be in the bedroom.

Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj Photo Source: Photobucket
Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj
Photo Source: Photobucket


Mother of three, Cee Cee, also 31, can’t do anything other than squeal in delight at the mention of him. Natalie, a 27 year old teaching assistant, is attracted by Lil Wayne’s wild antics in his private life and the fact that he stands out from his peers.

Just Dappy Image Source:
Just Dappy
Image Source:

2.  DAPPY (Costadinos Contostavlos) – The 26 year old Brit rapper/singer/songwriter has always been a hot fave with the girlies since his N-Dubz days. However, it was his stint in Celebrity Big Brother 13 (in January this year) that raised the amount of his female admirers through the roof. Having already posted a picture online of his super-sized manhood, the sight of it on-screen, barely two nights in on CBB, had grown women open mouthed, blushing and gagging to see more. His lewd acts with housemates, Jasmine Waltz and Luisa Zissman and the frequent crotch grabbing disclosed that Dappy had the actions to match the ‘bad boy’ front.

Bad Bwoy Chris
Bad Bwoy Chris

3.  CHRIS BROWN – The “bad-boy” attitude is a common trait into what ladies believes makes a good lover in the bedroom.  Along with the fly dancing, the tattoos and that prominent mouth, 25 year Chris is the ideal catch for some sexual experimentation. “He [Chris] f***s hard and nasty”, says one admirer like she’s already been there with him. Jo, 38, a mother of two firmly believes Chris is a “…10 in bed deffo” judging by his energetic dance moves.

Tousled sexiness - Michael Hutchence
Tousled sexiness – Michael Hutchence

4.  MICHAEL HUTCHENCE – The late INXS frontman may have passed away more than 16 years ago (aged 37) but he still rocks ladies pulses as the ultimate Down and Dirty freak. In his prime in the 90s, the tousled hair rock god dated supermodels, sexed up Kylie Minogue‘s public image and stole Paula Yates away from her then husband, Bob Geldof. In references of their sex life, Paula told how Michael was a “…dangerous and wild boy”, and even remarked how sure she was that numerous sex acts he performed with her during the early stages of their affair were “illegal”. Kinky, rugged and a drug user Caught up in the seedy rock world, kinky sex and drugs were Michael’s release. Even his death had a Down and Dirty nature, Michael was found naked in an Australian hotel with a belt around his neck in 1997. A coroner reported it, death by suicide, Paula claimed it was autoerotic asphyxiation.

Russell Brand - Speaking the language of lust
Russell Brand – Speaking the language of lust

5.  RUSSELL BRAND – The former drug and sex addict caused ripples with the ladies back in 2007 when he hosted Big Brother’s, Big Mouth with his big back-combed hair and his super tight jeans, ruffled shirts and waist coated “bohemian” look. Back then, in the height of his addictions, as well as numerous female celebs, Russell was sexing the housemates as well. Despite being cured of his addictions, Brand, 38, still has his smart linguistic rapport which thrills his devotees.

Wet with Jared
Wet with Jared

6.  JARED LETO – The 42 year old actor/musician/activist has an oddball, outlandish character that allures the ladies. Smooth cut and suited or grunged up with guy liner, Jared’s ever changing appearance and those faraway eyes signify bedroom antics would certainly be…different. “He’s like Edward Scissorhands, without the scissors…” says Natalie, 27, “…he looks troubled, sometimes lost, but so damned sexy”. Charlie, 22, fantasises about wild threesomes with Jared…. “maybe even group sex”, she blushes.


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