Men’s Celebrity Crush List… The Down and Dirty Selection


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The long-awaited Celebrity Crush List is back, as promised looking into the Down and Dirty selection. Male poll participants were asked to name hot female celebs that they could see themselves acting out their wildest sexual fantasies with. Needless to say, there was a long list to chose from, but here follows the most popular, based on animalistic lust, non-committal shagging.

Rihanna Image Source:
Image Source:

1.  RIHANNA – No surprises that the Bajan beauty was the most popular answer. Self-confident, raw, and unafraid of flaunting her body in public, or a selfie, the 26 year old is lusted over worldwide. Danny, 22, from the West Midlands (UK), has no doubt that Rihanna has all the goods to “bust his nuts”. Acts of sadomasochism are the top fantasy with Rihanna fans. “Guys love a girl that can take control in the bedroom… Rihanna’s not shy” says Kwami, 28.

Kate Moss
Kate Moss

2.  KATE MOSS – London’s favourite supermodel may be 40 and happily settled in her married life (The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince) but the wildness in her well documented private life pre-marriage (Drugs, threesomes, wild partying) still appeals to her male fans. Thirty-eight year Carl has fancied Kate since his school days and feels that she has become even sexier with age. Aaron from Leeds is turned on by the Kate ‘grunge’ look, stating that the more unkempt she looks, the “dirtier” he imagines her.

Sultry Kim K Image Source:
Sultry Kim K
Image Source:

3. KIM KARDASHIAN – Now a mother and about to marry rapper, Kanye West, Kim may be steering herself towards a high classed socialite, but the reality is… No-one can forget that “sex tape” (featuring singer Ray J). Kim’s face may grace many magazines but for her male admirers, they’d rather see her ass. “Her face has changed too much, too plastic…” says Nico, 29 “but I’d still pop that booty”. Another admirer is turned on by the fact that Kim comes across so ladylike on screen but gets Down and Dirty between the sheets.

Smutty Rita Image Source:
Smutty Rita
Image Source:

4. RITA ORA – 23 year old Reets has won over male fans with her bleach-blonde hair and crazy wild ways. Some guys regard her as a “poor man’s Rihanna” whilst others believe that with her Kosovon roots, her zany dress sense and bright teasing smile, Rita holds her own. Her ‘dirtiness’ soared in 2012 when ex-boyfriend, Rob Kardashian, apparently outed Rita for cheating on him, with 20 other guys. Former TOWIE star, Kirk Norcross also noted how Rita made advances towards him in his 2013 biography, Essex Boy and her dalliances with model-of-the-moment, Cara Delevingne tease her admirers. Currently hooked up with DJ Calvin Harris.

Mel - Scary and Sexy Spice
Mel – Scary and Sexy Spice

5.  MEL B – The former Spice Girl, aka Scary Spice is a happily married mother of three but guys feel she still has the Down and Dirty factor. At 38, Mel is still in good shape, stunning and has that dirty laugh that could “charm a guys [boxer] shorts off”, according to thirty-three year old Lee. “Mel’s got that all-time freakiness...”, chef Lee, adds “she [looks like] knows what she wants in bed and basically, anything goes”. Can’t get much dirtier than that, can you?


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