Men’s Celebrity Crush List 1 – 5 (The Valentines Selection)

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Asking guys to reveal their fantasy celebrity Valentines date turned out to be surprising, fun and at times, frustrating. As with the ladies selection, most men had only one thing on their minds. Sex! The following five choices are the most popular with reasons fitting into the Valentines theme.

Fella's want to get Mrs Carter all wet.
Fella’s want to get Mrs Carter all wet.
  1.   Beyonce – Beauty, Talent and powerful Ambition are the three main factors given as to why the singer makes the perfect Valentine. Her bank balance is just as attractive as her curves with 27 % of voters expecting her to pay for their Valentine date. Her open adoration for husband, Jay Z is also an attractive quality. “…she loves her man, supports him and would fight for him. Women like that are rare”, says one devoted fan. Admirers seem keen on getting her wet too. Asked how they would spend their Valentines date with the “Drunk In Love” singer, sharing a bubble bath, in candlelight, scuba diving and working up a sweat with some thrusting dance moves followed by a steamy shower were just some of the suggestions.
Yummy Mummy Holly
Yummy Mummy Holly
  1.  Holly Willoughby – The “yummy mummy” TV presenter has a huge amount of admirers, ranging from teenaged boys to men in their fifties. Her voluptuous figure, bubbly personality and being known for liking a drink turn voters on to share a date with her. A fantasy date with Holly would include “messy food and lots of cuddles”. (And the rest! – editor)

Protecting Cheryl Cole
Protecting Cheryl Cole
  1.  Cheryl Cole – Cheryl’s petiteness, dimpled smile and Geordie accent makes guys dribble over her, but many feel protective of her. Despite divorcing former hubby, Ashley Cole in 2010, men still feel she is nursing a broken heart for the footballer and want to make her “laugh and spoil her with affection” on a Valentines date. Cheekier admirers would also like to give her tattooed butt a sexy slap and “smell the roses”.  ( Cheryl was convicted of assault in 2003, I’m sure she can take care of herself – ed )
Alicia Keys - Sultry Seduction
Alicia Keys – Sultry Seduction
  1.  Alicia Keys – Beautiful and classy are the two most popular reasons men lurve Alicia. Although she teases her male fans with her “banging body”, she can pull it off fully clothed, allowing imaginations to run wild. Her warm smile, charity work and humbleness makes guys rate her a “keeper” and a “pleasurable date”. Alicia’s sultry voice works in her favour too, according to engineer, Travis. “We wouldn’t even have to have sex on our [Valentines] date, listening to her talk all night is enough to bust my balls”, he claims.
It's All About The Lips - Scarlett Johansson
It’s All About The Lips – Scarlett Johansson
  1.  Scarlett Johansson – It’s all bout the lips with this sexy actress. Many guys didn’t even know her name when voting, referring to her as “You know…that blonde who was in Iron Man, the one with the lips”. Her fresh face is preferred by the men who like a “natural beauty, not caked in make-up” and her cheeky smile suggests a date with Scarlett to be full of fun and laughter.
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