Ladies Celebrity Crush List 1-7 (The Valentine’s Selection)

With what had originally been intended to be a Top Five Celebrity Valentine’s Wish List, the response I received during the poll research was so diverse, the list had to be extended. Also, many of the participants were somewhat ‘confused’ with who would be their ideal celebrity Valentine’s date, as opposed to which celebrity they’d most like to jump into bed with. So here Donnatella’s Space (DS) presents the Ladies Celebrity Crush List, with the first installment themed around genuine reasons why these celebrities would make the perfect Valentine.

valentine art

In No Particular Order…
Pharrell - The #1 Boy
Pharrell – The #1 Boy

1.  Pharrell Williams – As well as his good looks, ladies love the fact that the music supremo’s personality comes across as courteous, as well as sexy. Our female voters believe that a date with Pharrell would be surprising, eventful and he would most definitely put thought into his Valentine’s gift. His quirky off-beat dress sense is a big turn-on and ladies are very particular about wanting to lick/stroke/massage his caramel skin.

Grey-haired smoothie
Grey-haired smoothie

2.  George Clooney – Although actor George shows little sign of settling down and rings the bells for Bachelorhood, the ladies still think the grey-haired smoothie would make the perfect Valentine’s. Reasons for the ideal date with George included (apart from the obvious), good conversation, he’d be attentive and the belief that he’d smell good. Joanne, a restaurant waitress, 32, said an ideal date with George would include them feeding each other and sensuous seduction in the bedroom.

The "Thinking Woman's Crumpet" Benedict
The “Thinking Woman’s Crumpet” Benedict

3.  Benedict Cumberbatch – Labelled the “Thinking Woman’s Crumpet”, the Sherlock star is most certainly popular on the Valentine’s Wish List.  Although he doesn’t tickle the fancy of the ladies on the DS team, his eyes, accent and nerdy looks make women eager to seduce him. Most of the ladies who voted for the actor, would rather cook him a meal and have a night in than go out on a date.

Barack "It's All About The Power" Obama
Barack “It’s All About The Power” Obama

4.  Barrack Obama – It’s all about the power and the authority in his voice that makes the President of the USA a hot Valentine’s date. When it comes to world leaders, there has rarely been much eye candy since former US President, John F Kennedy. Barrack’s PDA with wife Michelle shows humanity and faithfulness that most politicians don’t have, according to our participants, even the ones that are happily married. Despite his devotion to Michelle, ladies still yearn to have their wicked way with him. “He wouldn’t have to ask me twice, to drop my drawers…” claims one US lady, “…in fact, he wouldn’t have to ask me at all. They’re off, “Come get your honey Mr President”.”

Gone But Still In The Ladies Hearts - Paul Walker
Gone But Still In The Ladies Hearts – Paul Walker

5.  Paul Walker – Although the late Fast and Furious star has always been a firm ladies favourite, his untimely death in November 2013 has made him more popular. His chiselled looks and love of fast cars make up the attraction, but his laid backness is the quality preferred by the ladies. A Valentine’s date with Paul wouldn’t have the pressures of dating with a Hollywood star, as he came across as a regular guy.

Getting jiggy with Will
Getting jiggy with Will

6.  Will Smith – When it comes to true romantic value, Mr Smith and David Beckham (see below) are the most popular female choices. Flowers, champagne, massages and laughs are the qualities ladies fantasise as a perfect Valentine’s with Will.

Mr Romance - David Beckham
Mr Romance – David Beckham

7.  David Beckham – Like Will Smith (above), former footballer David is seen as Mr Romantic. Voters believe that he would attend to their every need and come up with a gift that reflects their personality, not just any old garb he could grab his hands on. His ‘golden balls’ package that he likes to flaunt for his underwear brand reels the ladies in, though many would prefer him with less tattoos.

Come back soon to catch the next installment on our Ladies Celebrity Crush List… The Down and Dirty selection.

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