UKTV – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The best and worst UKTV observations from Sunday 22nd – Sunday 29th September 2013. Riveting documentaries, Eastenders giving viewers the runaround, a naff version of Jo Frost and embarrassing make-up blunders all here in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 


Sally and Sandra from Channel 4's Gogglebox
Sally and Sandra from Channel 4‘s Gogglebox
  • GOGGLEBOX (Channel 4, Wednesdays 10pm) – This weeks 2nd series of the reality TV review programme which ordinary people (couples/families/friends) express their views on the box, from their living rooms kicked off with some LOL characters. Sally and Sandra (above) are my favourite with their wisecracks and they’re always eating too.

  • THE FRIED CHICKEN SHOP (Channel 4, Mondays 9pm ) – I wasn’t feeling the first series of this documentary set in a London takeaway. However, the diversity of the customers (crazy, funny, drunks and the everyday average person) has had me glued to the box.

  • EDUCATING YORKSHIRE (Channel 4, Thursdays 9pm) – This week, the school documentary showed the fallout of two school girls and the very hands-on approach staff displayed to stop a minor disagreement escalating into something vicious and potentially affect the girls studies and exam results. This show should be compulsive viewing for all parents with a child at, or about to attend secondary school. Teens could also benefit from watching as watching other kids behaviour might reflect on the way how they behave themselves.


Nanny on a bike!  I prefer a Supernanny in a taxi.
Nanny on a bike! I prefer a Supernanny in a taxi.
  • EASTENDERS (omnibus) – Saturday, Sunday, crack of dawn in the morn’ or mid afternoon… Viewers don’t know where they stand with the soap if they’ve missed it in the week. Like all other soaps, a consistent omnibus should be set for Eastenders if they don’t want to continue to lose viewers. Not every household owns a TV recording device. BBC3 and BBC4 are vacant until their evening schedule at 7pm. The omnibus could be screened in that slot. After all isn’t that what license payers money is supposed to be contributing towards? Better TV for viewers.

  • SURPRISE SURPRISE (ITV1 Sundays (time varies) ) – The sentiment of this ‘dreams come true/reunion show’ is heart-warming but its also a tearjerker. After a stressful week and terror attacks in the news, I don’t want to spend my Sunday evening blubbing nor the embarrassment of my nine year old comforting me. I care, but its self-torture.

  • THREE DAY NANNY (Channel 4 Wednesday 8pm ) – This correctional child behaviour show may appeal to may appeal to parents in the countryside, stately homes, the new Royal parents (Will and Kate) even, but real parents in a street like you and I prefer Supernanny, Jo Frosts’ approach more than Kathryn Mewes’ time consuming wackiness.


Vanessa in a good light before the 'tash was exposed.
Vanessa in a good light before the ‘tash was exposed.
  • VANESSA FELTZ‘S streaky make-up on STRICTLY COME DANCING (BBC1 Friday 27th September) after her dance exposed a serious case of moustache shadowing. Not a good look. Demand a better make-up artist.

  • REAL HOUSEWIVES OF VANCOUVER (ITV2 weekdays 4:10pm) – Who bloody cares about their trivial dilemma’s? Real TV viewing housewives want to see the ATLANTA HOUSEWIVES, they’re the only ones that truly entertain us and “keep it real” all the others, just don’t compare.


I’ve seriously had enough of that IKEA advert with the creepy looking life-sized dolls. Even kids are spooked by the plastic, sinister smiling faces. It’s a trailer for a horror movie, not a home-furnishing store. GET IT OFF!  Watch it above for yourself if you dare.


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