UKTV – Eastenders’ In Cast Clearout

TV World has it that Eastenders is axing four “deadwood” characters in a shake-up by new executive producer, Dominic Treadwell-Collins in a desperate bid to bring viewers back to the “slumping” show.

EastEnders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BBC1 soap Eastenders will see the departure of characters, Kierston Wareing (Kirsty), Phaldut Sharma (AJ), Daniel Coonan (Carl) and Rachel Bright (Poppy) before early 2014. Viewers are hardly likely to miss them either.

Kirsty don't cut it with Eastenders' viewers
Kirsty don’t cut it with Eastenders’ viewers

Kierston Wareing (above) hasn’t been popular with viewers since her debut on Christmas Day. She’s nervy looking, lacks warmth, doesn’t blend with on screen hubby Max (Jake Wood) and don’t even get me started on those lips.

No comedy storylines for funny guy AJ
No comedy storylines for funny guy AJ

Phaldut (above) plays the comedy role well as AJ, but hasn’t had many good storylines. His character has no-one to gel with apart from his on screen family as he’s too old to be hanging with fun characters like Fatboy and Dexter.

Carl is no match for Wlaford's Bad Boys Past and Present
Carl is no match for Walford’s Bad Boys Past and Present

Daniel Coonan’s (above) ‘bad boy’ is weak. I mean all that aggro over Kirsty is just psycho-pathetic. Pitching him against original bad boy Phil and playing Max like a p*$$y just doesn’t wash with viewers. Hopefully he and Kirsty will zoom out of Walford together and Max can get frisky with new salon owner, Sadie.

Poppy Pops Off
Poppy Pops Off

I’ve been saying for months that Poppy has no place in the show. She was originally cast as a double act with former dippy character, Jodie. She wasn’t all that funny then and is even worse now alone. Her relationship with Fatboy is nauseating and there’s no where for her character to go, except through the door.

Will sweet Alice turn into a killer?
Will sweet Alice turn into a killer?

It has also been confirmed that Alice Branning (played by Jasmyn Banks) is also to leave the soap in an exploding storyline. As her love interest, Michael Moon, is also leaving, in a coffin. I can see the plot brewing. Brilliant! I hope its acted well as I’ve been longing to see Michael get his comeuppance ever since he screwed Jean Slater over.


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