UKTV – Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Subtitle Names

Celebrity Big Brother (Channel 5) ends tonight after three weeks of thirteen celebrities with a diverse range of personalities and temperaments were thrown into the house. Amongst the bitching, drink fests and wackiness, there were also a load of subtitle errors. Here follows the subtitle names given to this years celebrity housemates.

the eye



ABZ LOVE – Apps and Add

Courtney Stodden... Is she stubborn or corny?
Courtney Stodden… Is she stubborn or corny?

COURTNEY STODDEN (above) – Cautley Stubborn and Corny

RON ATKINSON – Wrong, Run and Rum

SOPHIE ANDERTON – Sofa and So Thick

Bluey Spent
Bluey Spent

LOUIE SPENCE (above) – Libby, Bluey Spent, Lily and Lulu

LAUREN HARRIES – Laurent, Line and Lawrence

DUSTIN DIAMOND – Dustbin, Justin and Dusting

Mario's Marigolds
Mario’s Marigolds

MARIO FALCONE (above) – Mariette, Maranello, Marianne, Marigold and Mariel


As well as the names, there were plenty of other subtitle errors throughout the series, too many to write in this post. However, here are a few that have stuck in my mind.

The Diary Room has been called the TYRANT ROOM, DIALECT RULES AND DIAGRAM

And in a conversation about Sophie’s “botox” between Carol McGiffin and Louie Spence, the subtitles screened BOLD TEXT in place of botox.

It’s been a gripping three weeks and as I watch the finale whilst typing, Charlotte Crosby (Geordie Shore) and Abz Love are the final two in the house. I feel Charlotte may win, due to her large following, but in my eyes, Abz deserves the title more.


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