UKTV – Channel Four To Bring Back Coach Trip

Its been over eighteen months since Reality Travel series Coach Trip was last on UK screens after Channel 4 decided to shelve the popular TV show. However, Channel 4 are bringing the show which sees contestants travelling around Europe back, due to popular demand.

Coach Trip
Coach Trip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fans of Coach Trip (me included) were understandably peeved when a Channel 4 insider revealed earlier this year that there were no plans produce another series of the Reality Travel show. Coach Trip which was screened in the tea time slot, sees seven pairs of travellers join tour guide, Brendan Sheerin, on a tour around Europe via coach. The idea of the “game” is for the couples to stay on board for as long as possible, to win a holiday at the end of the trip.

Coach Trip's Tour Guide Brendan Sheerin
Coach Trip’s Tour Guide Brendan Sheerin

Throw in a Big Brother style vote off at the end of each show, where contestants with the most votes are ejected off the trip, brilliant commentary that emulates Come Dine With Me and the fantastic wit and campness of guide, Brendan, the show was an entertaining hit. The shenanigans of the couples, bitching against each other, ganging up to plot votes and driving Brendan up the wall, kept viewers glued. Earlier this year, Brendan hosted a similar type of show, Magical Mystery Tour, but it didn’t have the same flow and magic of Coach Trip so viewers turned off.

Watch this snippet of an explosive argument on the coach

According to a Channel 4 source, a ninth series of Coach Trip is scheduled for later on in the year. Hooray! Channel 4 is the best tea time viewing on the mainstream channels. All they have to do now is go back to making five half hour shows of Come Dine With Me, instead of squeezing four diners in a hourly show.

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