Celebrity Names In Subtitles

Deaf viewers that rely on subtitles also have to put up with multiple errors when following TV programmes. Here follows a collection of errors displayed for celebrities and politicians I’ve noted in the last fortnight.

Starting with the entertainment industry we have…

Picture Image: andrewmorel.com
Real Hammer

Singer Rihanna otherwise known as Real Hammer.

Rockin Rod
Rockin Rod

Raspy vocalist, Rod Stewart (above) is What Stew Heart.

International superstar Beyonce Knowles has two alternative names, Bring Ce and Beyond Say.

Fruity Brucie
Fruity Brucie

Movie star Bruce Willis (above) is Fruit Willies.

Movie starlet Kate Winslett is Cake Wins It.


Simon and Sinitta
Simon and Sinitta

Music supremo Simon Cowell is Hyland Cow Hell.

Mr Cowell’s ‘harem’ member, Sinitta (pictured with Simon above) is Sin Eater.

Pop star and reality Prince, Peter Andre‘s subtitle name is Pitta Calm Dread.

Loose Women presenter Denise Welch is Disney Welsh.

During a TV cooking show, the text for an aubergine came up as Avril Lagine.

Moving into politics we have: –

Is it Obama?  No, it's a bar man.
Is it Obama? No, it’s a bar man.

Barack Obama, who has two subtitle names, Press Stand (President) A bar man and Brass Harmonica.

Former UK Member of Parliament, Anne Widdecombe is Hand Witness Come.

“Jaws Hot Burn”

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne has the fitting name of Jaws Hot burn.

More wacky and hilarious subtitle errors coming very soon, right here on Donnatella’s Space.

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