The Alternative British Soap Awards 2013

Following up on even more Alternative British Soap Awards for 2013, here follows the winners for Worst Soap Actor, Best Soap Actress Best Newcomer and Best Guest Performance…


Scott Maslen
Scott Maslen

SCOTT MASLEN – (Jack Branning) Eastenders

The Soap fans that voted in our poll have no love for Jack Branning and welcome his forthcoming exit from Eastenders later this years. Viewers find Scott clumsy in scenes and too weak with the female characters he’s involved with, making it impossible to believe scenes where he attempts to be mean and aggressive.


BEN PRICE (Nick Tilsley) Coronation Street – He couldn’t act in Footballer’s Wives and has made no improvement during his time in Weatherfield.

TONY DISCIPLINE (Tyler Moon) Eastenders – A useless prop for Whitney Dean who has become more of an extra in the Square since the departure of his on-screen brother, Anthony Moon.

PJ BRENNAN (Doug Carter) Hollyoaks – Better at playing Brendan’s victim than a supporting character of the heavy storylines he’s been featured in.


Coronation Streets Kirsty Soames
Coronation Streets Kirsty Soames

NATALIE GUMEDE (Kirsty Soames) Coronation Street

Playing, ex-cop, boyfriend beating Kirsty, Natalie has gripped viewers, having them shout at their TV screens as she lied and manipulated other characters. When she laid her hands on Tyrone, flew into her rages, wild eyed, viewers believed it and we all feared for the safety of poor baby Ruby as Kirsty struggled with motherhood. Outstanding performance.


CLAIRE COOPER (Jacqui McQueen) Hollyoaks – Claire tackled every possible scenario as hard done by, tough faced, Jacqui. Claire played out brilliant dramatic scenes as well as some fantastic comedy moments. Her presence will surely be missed by fans.

MITZEEE MINNIVER (Rachel Shelton) Hollyoaks – The selfish, materialistic WAG wannabe melted viewers hearts when she went to prison for stabbing Mercedes (Mitzeee was innocent) then was freed to be united with true love, Riley, only for him to be murdered. Rachel did wonders turning the character around.



Laura Norton
Laura Norton

LAURA NORTON (Kerry Wyatt) Emmerdale

The lying, vodka swigging, ‘mam’ from hell has caused more drama in the village this year than characters that have been in Emmerdale for decades. Powerful performances and a versatility to manipulate the viewers mind of thought definitely rewards her with this award.


NIKKI SANDERSON (Maxine Minniver) Hollyoaks – Coming into Hollyoaks as ditzy Maxine just as our favourite ditzy Queen, Mitzeee was leaving was a huge risk. However, Maxine came into her own quickly providing viewers with joy and laughter. Interacts with other characters well.

KHALI BEST (Dexter Hartman) Eastenders – It’s nice to see a young black male character not play a stereotypical ‘bad boy’ without his masculinity being weakened by being a good character. Khali performs well with older characters (Cora, Phil), just as good as his younger co-stars.

JEREMY SHEFFIELD (Patrick Blake) Hollyoaks – Patrick has dropped some dark hints as a possible control freak and manipulator whilst being a respectful head teacher and loving father. This character has great potential for the future and viewers can’t wait to see how dark he will get.


Fintan Mckeown
Fintan Mckeown

FINTAN MCKEOWN (Seamus Brady) Hollyoaks

Viewers knew Seamus’ backstory of a violent child abuser to his son Brendan before he was introduced on screen. Using his Irish charm amongst characters, whilst mentally torturing Brendan was gripping. His performance made us understand Brendan more and anyone who was capable of making Brendan tremble, is surely worthy of recognition.


DANIELLA WESTBROOK (Trudy ) Hollyoaks – Daniella was a nasty piece of work as Sam Mitchell in Eastenders and a total heartless bitch in Hollyoaks. A worthy rival against Jacqui McQueen.

HARRY RAFFERTY (Kane) Eastenders – Bad Boy gang leader, Kane made, Liam Butcher‘s life a misery when he inducted the lonely teen into his gang. Harry played the part with sheer evilness and manipulation, he also has a face to match the character. He needs to be written back in, viewers miss him.


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