BREAKING NEWS: Paris Jackson Hospitalized In Rumoured Suicide Attempt

According to numerous news sources, Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson was rushed to hospital after attempting to kill herself.

Paris Jackson

UK Time 6:45 PM Wednesday 5th June

I don’t want to report too much on this story yet as it’s just breaking news and nothing hasn’t been officially confirmed in UK news, apart from the fact that 15 year old Paris, is in a Los Angeles hospital.  What I will say, is that before anyone gets cynical, starts the accusations and/or any hurtful comments, please remember this.

  • Paris (along with her brothers) was shielded from worldwide media interest, then suddenly thrust into the limelight when her father died and she was just 11 years old.
  • Her whole family lifestyle changed overnight and she was sent to live with members, many of whom she probably didn’t know and never heard about from her father.  (We all know Michael had family issues)
  • She is a young girl who’s paternity is frequently questioned in the media and has only recently got to know her biological mother, Debbie Rowe.
  • Her father’s name is constantly in the media and recent new sex abuse allegations must be hard to contend with.

I’m a grown woman and the factors above, along with that big shadow of being “Michael Jackson’s kid” is much more than I could handle.  This girl  probably needs answers from the one person who is no longer here to give her them.  I pray she comes through this and has the right people around her, to guide her and love her through the tough times she may be going through.  Her father became a victim of his own success, media scrutiny and bad people around him.  Let’s hope his children don’t end up the same.


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