UKTV – Four Professional Dancers Quit Strictly Come Dancing

Professional favourites Erin Boag, Flavia Cacace,Vincent Simone and Aliona Vilani have announced they will leave Strictly Come Dancing before the shows broadcast in the Autumn

Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace

Come the cold, chilly months of the autumn, I love watching Strictly Come Dancing to spice up the chill. It’s the glitz, the pizazz and the outstanding choreography of the professional dancers, rather than the celebrities taking part that keeps me glued to the screen, so it’s a big blow to learn my two favourite professional dancers are leaving. Dancing partners, Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone have decided to bow out of the UK version of USA’s Dancing With The Stars, along with fellow pro’s, Erin Boag and Aliona Vilani.

Aliona Vilani – Another stunning dancer who will be sorely missed

According to a BBC spokeswoman, Cacace, Simone and Boag are quitting “to focus on their careers outside of Strictly and for professional reasons”. Flavia and Vincent will be performing their legendary tango’s on SCD 2013 but will no longer be partnering with celebrities. The pint sized pair – who recently won the ‘Rear Of The Year‘ awards – make ballroom dancing magical, spicy and inviting. The show won’t be the same without them, not for me anyway. I do hope whatever they do, they’ll continue to be on our screens.

Watch Flavia and Vincent performing the Argentine Tango.


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