UKTV – The Alternative British Soap Awards 2013 – Best Actor

The Donnatella’s Space Team present to you, the Alternative British Soap Awards 2013 Top 5 best actors.


ADAM WOODYATT – (Ian Beale) Eastenders

Ian Beale at his lowest ebb.
Ian Beale at his lowest ebb.

Ian Beale is one of Soap’s most annoying, egoistic and pompous prats’. However, the cocky entrepreneur gained empathy from viewers after his mental breakdown which saw him desert his family and live rough on the streets. Adam deserves credit for portraying the drastic turn in the character and brilliantly highlighting mental illness.

EMMET J SCANLAN – (Brendan O’Brady) Hollyoaks

BRENDAN O'BRADY (Emmet J Scanlan)
BRENDAN O’BRADY (Emmet J Scanlan)

From being the bully villain we loved to hate, over the last twelve months, Irish bad boy Brendan became the villain we loved to love. His backstory (Brendan was sexually abused as a child by his father) in spin-off, Hollyoaks Later gave viewers a sharp insight into his dark behaviour. He killed his ‘nana’, we understood why. He beat his lover (Ste Hay), we knew it wasn’t intentional. Emmet’s devotion to his craft made a gentle man out of a beast. His departure from screens in March left a huge void in Hollyoaks and the fans hearts.

NIGEL HAVERS – (Lewis Archer) Coronation Street

Coronation Street's Lewis Archer
Coronation Street’s Lewis Archer

Nigel was outstanding as middle-aged gigolo, Lewis Archer. His scenes were a pleasure to watch and the Corrie fans want him back. Sharp, devious, sneaky and always the “perfect gentleman”.

STEVE HALLIWELL – (Zak Dingle) Emmerdale

Zak Dingle (Steve Halliwell)

Another male Soap character that highlighted mental illness. To see Daddy Dingle, a strong character, vulnerable and fighting his mental demons was tear jerking to watch. Zak’s depression was sensitively dripped to viewers and Steve did the storyline justice.

SHANE RICHIE – (Alfie Moon) Eastenders

ALFIE MOON (Shane Ritchie)
ALFIE MOON (Shane Ritchie)

Fun loving pub landlord Alfie Moon got dark late last year when he learnt his wife, Kat (Jessie Wallace) was cheating on him…again. Shane’s performance in the ‘Kat’s Secret Lover‘ storyline was the most believable and memorable in scenes amongst his male co-stars also featured in the story.




Emmet has been totally ‘schamazing‘ as Brendan and DS predicts he will have a busy career now he has left Hollyoaks.

More Alternative Soap Awards Coming Soon


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