Ten Questions

Here are 10 rhetorical questions relating to current events or topics circulating in the UK media (May 2013)

media questions 

  1. By announcing his retirement from professional football so soon after the retirement announcements from Sir Alex Ferguson (as manager for Manchester United) and former team mate, Rio Ferdinand (from International football), has David Beckham‘s publicity outshone their professional shine?

    English: David Beckham, England, own work (by ...
    English: David Beckham, England, own work (by ger1axg). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  2. With all these TV luvvies supporting their fellow high-profiled celebrities accused of historical sexual offences, saying the accused are being ‘witch-hunted’, can people now understand why so many victims were afraid to speak out at the time of the alleged crimes?
  3. Doesn’t the story of the Ohio kidnap victims, held in captivity for 10 years make you wonder that little bit more about the neighbours in your street that you don’t really know?
  4. Angelina Jolie became a worldwide heroine after publicly announcing her double mastectomy, that reduces her risk of getting cancer. Is the only person on the planet, not feeling the Jolie love, Jennifer Aniston?
  5. If evidence is found to back up petrol price fixing claims, will drivers be compensated with free fuel?
  6. UK Home Secretary, Theresa May wants cop killers to spend the rest of their lives behind bars but what about child killers? With continuous cases of child murders and pathetic sentences being handed out, is Ms May saying police officers lives are of more value than a young innocent kid?
  7. Even though George Michael wasn’t driving during the car accident which left him with “superficial injuries”, after so many car smashes, does anybody else think that someone ‘up there’ is trying to tell the singer something?
  8. After yet another year of low votes in the Eurovision Song Contest, how much more humiliation can the UK take? And does anyone in the UK really watch the annual competition anyway?
  9. Unhappy with the 17 year sentence she was given for the manslaughter charge of the death of her six children, Mairead Philpott is to appeal against the sentence on the grounds that her role in the fire was not as “substantial as the judge assessed”. Does this pathetic excuse for a woman really think a shorter term in prison will make her life any easier to live with and will she finally speak out against her husband (and partner in crime), Mick in her bid for freedom?
  10. According to the business bigwigs, the rise of online shopping is closing down stores in the High Street but when most of the major stores are filled with rude and incompetent staff and low range of stock is it any wonder why customers are increasingly shopping on the web?

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