The Randomness Of The Common Cold

After managing to dodge the sniffles, spluttering coughs and the dreaded flu through the cold weather only I could be struck down with the common cold as soon as the sun comes out.

Sneeze vector
Sneeze vector (Photo credit: 729:512)

I know visitors of Donnatella’s Space must think I moan a lot…but there’s a lot to moan about in my life. For the past week I’ve been battling this bloody cold and I ain’t happy. Rib busting sneezes, a tap dripping nose, watering eyes and tickling ears which is just brilliant with my tinnitus and ability to hear. Not!

For the best part of eight months, the UK weather has been pretty…shit, as any Brit will tell you. Flooding rain, random snowfall, strong winds, blizzards…everything bar some decent sunshine. Finally, the Spring has arrived so everybody ditches their winter boots and thick coats to enjoy the sun rays. After such a loooong winter, people want to embrace the sun, they smile more and can finally turn the heating off. Not me.

Whilst everybody has been out lapping up the heat, I’ve hardly been able to leave my sofa, wrapped up in my fleece blanket and the fire on two bars. My nose is stripped from continuous blowing, my eyes are puffy and red and if one more person asks me why I’m still wearing a coat, I swear I’m gonna sock it to em. I’m bloody freezing! Thankfully, the worse of my cold seems to be over and I can almost guarantee that by the time it fully disappears, the April showers – that didn’t fall in April because we had blizzards and snow – will pour down upon us.

Atishoo, sorry.  Bless you.



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