Weird and Hilarious Subtitle Errors

Having to rely on subtitles can be a pain in the…ears when trying to watch a favourite TV program. Sometimes they’re out of sync, parts of the texts are missing and some channels don’t screen subtitles at all. However, when it comes to live TV, patience and a good sense of humour are most definitely needed when trying to make sense of the most confusing and amusing errors. Here follows a few of Donnatella’s faves:

It’s all about the willies on BBC News


On BBC 1s The Big Questions, a chief constable was introduced as a chief scone stable.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is a volunteer at her locus girl good [local girl guides] – Sky News

Gino’s gnocchi (Italian dumplings) recipe goes way back to his Greater Manchester [Great grandmother] – This Morning (ITV)

The victim was going about heroin [her own] business, when suddenly stricken by a man – Crimewatch (BBC 1)

Heavy rape [rain] is expected in the coastal areas of Britain – Sky News

A cucumber [climber] has died in Scotland after falling from Ben Nevis – BBC News

Ant McPartlin to audience member on Saturday Night Take Out : “You’re a new mum, your son is eaten [Ethan] – ITV

Nelson Mandela was rushed to hospital so he could receive a pension [attention] – Sky News

“The new benefit reform is about bringing fences [fairness] in the welfare system” – Iain Duncan Smith (UK Work and Pensions Secretary) talking on Sky News

More Subtitle Errors Coming Soon 

If you’ve seen any weird or funny subtitle errors, please comment and share with us.






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