Celebrity Birthday – Happy Earthday Redman (rapper)

Today, 17th April 2013 is the 43rd birthday of New Jersey rapper Redman.

Redman (Rapper) on stage
Redman (Rapper) on stage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NB:  At the time of publication there were computer errors that would not upload photos…Images will be restored ASAP (DAMW)

Reginald Noble aka Redman/Funk Docta Spock was born in Newark (Brick City), New Jersey, US the 17th April 1970.

Redman is my fantasy celebrity husband. I developed a liking for the Soopaman Lover way back in 1996 and his fine looks and crazy personality, still appease me to this day.

Word has it that Red and fellow rapper, Method Man will be working on a sequel to their hit movie, How High. Also a new album, Muddy Waters II: Even Muddier, is due for release this year. I will be punishing my ears to absorb as much of that as I can.

Happy Earthday Reggie Baby! I’ll have your present ready when you get home xxx.

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