Today, the 23rd March 2013, is the 60th birthday of the legendary, Queen of Funk, Miss Chaka Khan.

Image Source: www.ronepraiserichmond.files.wordpress.com
Image Source: http://www.ronepraiserichmond.files.wordpress.com

Chaka, real name, Yvette Marie Stevens was born on March 23rd 1953 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Her voice, to me, is the most amazing female vocalist that has ever sang.

Image Source:  www.curiosando708090.altervista.org
Image Source: http://www.curiosando708090.altervista.org

Covering genres of funk, disco, jazz, blues and R&B over four decades as an artist, Chaka Khan has released classic hits, such as I’m Every Woman (1978), Sweet Thing (1975), Ain’t Nobody (1983) I Feel For You (1984), Through The Fire (1985), that have made her a worldwide household name.

Image Source: www.itscertified.net
Image Source: http://www.itscertified.net

Her wild hair and raunchy stage outfits are well noted, she is a woman of fire and beauty, her vocal range stretches to the limit, and then some. Her personal life has been stormy, but she’s made it ‘through the fire’. A new studio album, iKhan, is due for release this year.

                                     ‘Once You Get Started‘ Rufus/Chaka Khan 1975

Happy Earthday, Miss Chaka Khan, you’re an inspiration, and my ears and soul have been blessed with the rich, powerful, heart rendering sounds that you breathe into your songs.

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