UK TV (SOAPS) – Cougar Police Strike Again

With Soap Spoilers revealing Coronation Street‘s Stella Price is set to take back her love-rat ex, Karl Munro, it appears that another great toy-boy storyline has been hit by the Cougar Police.

 corrie pro pic

Over the last few months, multiple UK Soaps have explored storylines featuring older female and younger male characters. In Eastenders, Denise Fox had a couple of dalliances with cheeky cockney, Fatboy. Now she’s sweating up the sheets with Ian Beale (Puhlease!). Emmerdale‘s farmers widow, Moira Barton got down and dirty with farm hand Alex and in Coronation Street, landlady Stella got her groove back with builder Jason Grimshaw, after learning her former lover Karl was cheating with barmaid Sunitta Alahan. Whilst both Eastenders and Emmerdale Cougar Fever stories were brief ‘blink and you’ll miss’ moments, Corrie’s ran for a lengthy period of time, giving viewers the idea that the characters of Stella and Jason could have a credible relationship.

© Eamonn and James Clarke.Stella and Karl kiss
© Eamonn and James Clarke.
Stella and Karl kiss

Well nothing ever goes to the viewers liking in Soapland. In explosive scenes on Coronation Street starting next week (18th March 2013), the Rovers is going up in flames and in the grief of the aftermath, Stella will be reunited with creepy Karl and unlucky-in-love, Jason, will end up back at home with his ‘mam’, again. I’m gutted another Cougar story is being extinguished. Soaps repetitively jump on the bandwagon with these racy plots, only for them to go nowhere. Cougars aren’t make believe and they’re breaking the social taboo (ask One Directions’ Harry Styles) so why can’t Soap scriptwriters (Cougar Police) make them work in our Soaps? Give a Cougar a chance guys, the same as which you do with Sugar Daddies.

Stella and 'toy boy' Jason
Stella and ‘toy boy’ Jason

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