UK TV – Soap Boo Boos (Hollyoaks)

Sometimes when soap scriptwriters come up with a new storyline they just don’t think the whole thing through or they think viewers are daft enough not to notice.

hollyoaks pro pic

In Hollyoaks, Channel 4 Monday – Fridays 6:30pm, Will Savage is wheelchair bound after throwing himself down the metal staircase of Chez Chez nightclub. Wacko Will has got his ‘fiancé’, Texas hankering at his beck and call after leading her and everyone else in the village to believe that it was she who pushed him down the stairs…

Will Savage played by James Atherton
Will Savage played by James Atherton

Now what gets me is, whilst Will was living on the family boat,  there was a constant struggle to get him from dry land onto the boat. The home he shares with Texas has at least 20 concrete steps to get to the entrance.  Is Texas Super Strong?  Does she just chuck him down the steps when they go out?  Or…does she ask neighbour, Village bad boy, Brendan Brady to give her a hand?

We’ve been had viewers!


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