Remembering Whitney Houston, A Year After Her Death

I Have Nothing
I Have Nothing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today marks the first anniversary of singer Whitney Houston’s death.  How quickly a year flies by but we’ll never forget her voice.  The voice.

On February 10th 2012, around 10pm (UK time), I watched a pre-recorded performance of Dionne Warwick on The Johnathan Ross Show, ITV and she was radiant, engaging the audience with her harmonious vocals. I remember wondering to myself if her cousin, Whitney, would ever regain her star status and thrill audiences again. Shortly after the program ended, I dozed off on the couch…

Some four hours later I awoke and flicked to the news channel (an instilled habit of mine). “SINGER WHITNEY HOUSTON DIES AT BEVERLY HILTON HOTEL” was the breaking news. I was stunted and literally slid of the chair in shock as I tried to read the subtitles and absorb the death of a SUPERSTAR.

Whitney-Houston header pic

Whitney, 48, was in Beverly Hills, California to attend and perform at Arista label boss, Clive Davis‘ annual pre-Grammy gala. On the afternoon of February 11th, she was found unconscious in the bath of her suite. The LA coroners department said the cause of death was “effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use”.

The diva persona has left the earth but her music lives on, and will continue for generations to come. Not only was Whitney an astounding singer, she was a fine actress (The Bodyguard, The Preachers Wife, Waiting To Exhale…), producer, songwriter and model also. She left behind her mother, singer, Cissy Houston and her only child, Bobbi Christina, an aspiring singer and actress.

Whitney Houston Wax Statues

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum showcased four statues of Whitney (above) on February 7th 2013 in New York. Each statue highlights iconic moments from Whitney’s career, she would just love that, I think, and even more to be the only person Madame Tussauds have ever created so many statues of.

Her mother, brother (Michael) and sister-in-law/former manager Pat attended the unveiling. Whilst Michael and Pat posed for pictures with the wax replicas, Cissy didn’t want too, although she was happy with the finished results.


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