MODERN WORDS – MITCH! (The Male Bitch)

Ever wondered what to call male gossips who meddle in people’s business, twisting stories for their own desperate entertainment and are not the stereotypical gay guy? Simple! They’re Mitches (male bitches)

Image supplied by Lady Syxess

Now whilst I’m aware this word is already in circulation, I haven’t found it among my searches on the web so I thought I’d bring it to your attention. Everyone knows a man bitch, and 9 times out of 10, they’re more venomous than the average female bitch.

I’ve met a good few and plenty mitches in my time, and as I stated before, they’re not gay men. I’m talking about married men, football/soccer dads, business men, gangsters even, and believe me, these guys bitch hard. Here’s a couple of examples:

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One Mitch says to his friend before a night out to an exclusive club “Yo man, you rock like a star”. Two days later Mitch and his fellow Mitches, slate the poor friend’s fashion sense and debate the “cheapness” of his clothes.

Another Mitch constantly bitches about his pal’s relationship, slating how the girl takes advantage of the pal and how the friend is a fool to put up with it.  A typical Mitch, he says this all behind his friends back and makes those he tells, swear to secrecy.

I could give plenty more examples but I’m through with Mitches and Bitches, already! They say that the female sex is a “dangerous” bitch, but trust me, don’t ever get on the wrong side of a male one.

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