Celebrity Sin Bin – Tulisa Contostavlos

This week I’m sending singer and X-Factor judge, Tulisa Contostavlos to the Celebrity Sin Bin… Not forever, just until she “checks” herself and emerges into the Tulisa everybody loved when she was in Ndubz.

National Television Awards 2012
National Television Awards 2012 (Photo credit: Beacon Radio)

For the last couple of weeks,  X-Factor judge, Tulisa, 24, has received quite a lot of negative press (heavy partying and her busy love-life). After last Saturdays (19th November) The X-Factor‘s shock exit of Ella Henderson, also Tulisa’s act, the public has soured even more towards the “Young” singer. Her outburst towards the voting public for not “picking up the phone” and voting for “real talent” after repeatedly urging people to keep ‘novelty’ act, Rylan Clark in the competition, did her no favours. The public aren’t as thick and easy to manipulate as some celebrities like to think and one viewer thinks that Tulisa fell on “her own sword”, with Ella being the collateral damage.

 selling out

Tulisa’s downfall stems from when she took the X-Factor job last year. It may have gained her a new lease of fans, but she lost a load of her core fans from her early Ndubz days. Comments about her change in personality, selling out on her ‘urban-ess’ and getting too big for her boots circulated amongst many Nduplets. Her cousin and fellow band member, Dappy advised her not to do the show and her relationship with third member, Fazer collapsed during her first year on X-Factor.

As the public knew and loved her…
Tulisa, with her Ndubz bandmates

I’ve never really been a fan, I’m past the age limit, but her bubbly, wise-girl from the streets persona made her likeable. When she joined X-Factor that likability factor changed, as it did with Cheryl Cole before her. It was as if she’d separated herself from who she was to sell herself to be who she wanted to be, which in my street language, means fake. Like hundreds of other “street” X-Factor viewers, I felt she over-stepped the mark when she ‘outed’ contestant Misha B as a bully last year. Regardless of what was going on backstage, Tulisa, coming from the background that she’s had, handled it wrong. I felt she had redeemed herself, a little, in the way in which she handled her sex video scandal but recent events have turned me and others even colder towards her. The amount of people that have stopped tuning into The X-Factor mainly because of her presence, grows by the week.

Tulisa with new love Danny Simpson
Image Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk

The reason I’m sending Tulisa to the Celebrity Sin Bin is mainly because of the way how she’s handled her love dilemma situation. She is currently seeing Newcastle United Footballer, Danny Simpson, 25, who has a one year old child and another on the way with his ex-girlfriend, Stephanie Ward. The girlfriend made some remark on Twitter last week suggesting that Tulisa was seeing Danny whilst still with her to which the singer tweeted “u r a liar n a psychotic nutta!wait til I tell it how it is…wrongen” in response. Days later she tweeted “I’m very happy wid my man @dannysimpson #Happy” and it was reported that the footballer was in the X-Factor studio audience on Sunday night.


Now personally, I don’t give a frig who Tulisa’s shagging, but as a 24 year old star with thousands of young girls looking up to her as a role model she needs to handle her business better. For someone who confirmed in her biography “HONEST My Story So Far” that she has trust issues with boyfriends, bigging up her love for a guy who’s got a baby on the way to the whole world is pretty stoopid. Danny had a fling with footballer mattress, Imogen Thomas for Pete’s sake. Tulisa’s supposed to be street and represent the urbs but she’s coming across more Shameless than Streetwise.  Any grown woman that can put her faith in a guy who’s just separated from his baby mother and be truly happy and content within herself is fit for Jeremy Kyle viewers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slating Tulisa for sleeping with the guy, if he is indeed separated.  She just should have kept her business out of the public eye until she knows where she stands with him.  He’s young, a father and a FOOTBALLER.  I doubt this guy knows what he wants himself, but a woman with her own healthy bank balance is always a good start.  I suppose.

Are there more tears to come for the X-Factor judge?

Real stars make “no comment” Tulisa, you’ve been in the public eye long enough to have watched and learnt. Calling your “mans” baby mother a “…psychotic nutter” on Twitter don’t paint a pretty picture, especially when many of your female fans, who have supported you over the years are probably in her situation, only not with a footballer.  Tulisa, you’re the ‘wrongen’.

I think Tulisa should be sentenced to the Sin Bin for a good six months after the demise end of this years X-Factor to reconnect with her roots and find herself, before she loses herself.

Copyright Donna Woolcock 2012 for Lady Syxess Publications


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