Celebrities – Pharell Williams Rocks Blonde Hair

Image Source: http://www.mediatakeout.com

Mega producer, Pharell Williams has been snapped sporting blonde hair and a frothy tash (moustache). Cynics have likened his “new-do” to a 70’s porn star and some have even questioned his sexuality.

Image Source:www.mediatakeout.com

I’ve been a fan of Pharell from way back in the early N.E.R.D days and he had a bigger tash back then. Funny how in those days, his difference from the norm made him an enigmatic genius in the media. Now he’s a superstar, the media attack this same diversity.

Pharell rocked a tash way back in 2002

I love a Freaknique (Uniquely Freakish) and Pharell defines the word hugely, as does Prince, Andre Benjamin (Outkast) and many other celebrities. Its just so sad that ignorant minded people have to question these guys sexuality because of the way they dress. And so what if they were found out to be gay? Does it make them less credible than being straight?

Pharell in 2010 with Chris Brown and “Tash”
Image Source: http://www.upscalehype.com

Pharell is a super hottie and super talented.  The blonde hair doesn’t really do it for me but as long as it does it for him, I’m super cool with that.

Copyright Donna Woolcock for Lady Syxess Publications 2012


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