Friendship – Karma Hits A Friend

Since I developed problems with my hearing, the most ignorance I’ve faced is from family members and friends.  This is a tale about one of those fickle friends and a touch of karma.

A few years ago, I confessed to someone who I thought was a great friend the severity of my hearing loss. She wasn’t someone I had regular contact with but I ranked her fairly high on my list of pals. I should have sussed the ‘greatness’ of our friendship was one-sided when she replied she hadn’t really noticed. My friend then went on to subtlety ridicule my impairment, listing all the things I won’t be able to do, teasing me in my moments of difficulties and telling every Tom, Dick and Harriet how I can’t hear any more.  For the record, I do have some hearing left, just not a great deal.  There’s a whole load of other nasty tricks in her bag, which have basically dampened our friendship.

These days I only seem to see her when she wants something or she’s having family problems. A fortnight ago she invited herself to my home, full of tears and self-pity. “Look at my hair!” she wailed, pulling the wig of her head to reveal severe bald patches. It appears that after years of chemical treatments and hair extensions she’s developed traction alopecia.

An example of Traction Alopecia
Image Source:

Now I would never normally make light of such a trauma.  A woman’s hair is her pride and to lose in such a way is totally devastating. However, as my “friend” has been such an insensitive b~@#h, I have to say…it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

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