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Sin Bin

I’m not one for Celebrity Bashing but lately there seems to be an increasing number of celebs that rattle my cage with too much self-importance, over exposure or pathetic whining about the sorry “dramas” in their lives.  

For the last few weeks, Big Brother “star”, Chantelle Houghton has been featured heavily in the media talking about her break-up with Celebrity Big Brother 2010 winner, Alex Reid. Every bleeding magazine I’ve bought, her sorry face is in there under some headline regarding her “breakdown” and last week Friday she was on ITV’s This Morning, full of tears and self-pity of coming to terms with being a “single parent”.  “Are you taking the mick girl?” is what I want to yell.

Chantelle on This Morning, Friday, 26 Oct 2012

I don’t know the full story of the reason behind the break-up, nor do I even really care.  Judging by the mumbled answers she gave in her This Morning interview, I don’t think the 2006 Celebrity Big Brother winner knows herself. Throughout their brief and well documented relationship, Chantelle has been reported saying she was unsettled with Alex’s cross dressing habits, pictures of Alex sleeping in his car outside their home and reports of police intervention have been reported in the press. The couple have a young baby, Dolly, from their unison.

Chantelle works those tears

My problem with Chantelle is she needs to get over herself. Comparing herself to the average single mother is highly insulting.  Like myself, there are hundreds of thousands single mothers that have, or are going through some tough shit. Some aren’t fortunate enough to have the family support Chantelle does, they can’t wail about their misery in the media and make money from it and the only TV show that cares enough to air their sorry tales would be Jeremy Kyle.

Chantelle has been fortunate enough to earn a career on the back of winning a Celebrity reality show when at the time she wasn’t a celebrity. She married her fellow contestant, singer, Preston (their engagement bagged them an estimated £300,000 magazine deal each) which resulted in divorce the following year and has basically continued to generate media interest with the goings on in her life. Alex Reid was publicly outed as a cross-dresser in the early days of his relationship with former wife, Katie Price (aka Jordan). In my opinion, Chantelle should’ve taken that factor into consideration before she shacked up with him.

Chantelle looking much happier arriving to film The Saturday Night Show

The media is going crazy with this story, reporting concerns for her welfare, yet after her display on This Morning, she was pictured glammed to the nines and smiling arriving for an appearance on The Saturday Night Show in Dublin.  This isn’t the action of a broken, single mother.  Chantelle  is milking this attention so she can keep her name in the media and secure a future for herself and Dolly from the fees she’s being paid.  Full marks for her smart marketing strategy but I don’t want it rammed down my throat.

Get in The Sin Bin, Chantelle Houghton…and take that pathetic wannabe, Alex with you.

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