Creepers – The “Must Have” Shoes For The Autumn

Serena Creepers Are The Most Popular

When my friend showed me her brand new Black Creepers a couple of months ago and asked my opinion, I was bluntly honest. I didn’t like them as they are clumpy looking and reminded me of the Teddy Boy shoes, most notably (to me), a relatives former neighbour in the 80s, whom my cousins and I affectionately called “Teddy Rooster” with his “rockabilly shoes”.  My mate, however, wasn’t paying any attention to my teasing her, swearing they were comfortable and “big” in fashion.

Dark Pink Creepers
@ River Island

Over the last eight weeks or so, everywhere I go I’ve been seeing people in these bloody “rockabilly shoes”. The Black Serena ones are the most popular, especially with the teens and the goths, male and female alike.  According to the fashionista’s, Creepers are the “must haves” for the Autumn season. I can’t see myself following the trend just yet, but I’m quite liking the look of River Island’s Dark Pink Creepers (£35.99), pictured above.

Creepers are priced from around £25 upwards, depending on stockists.

Breana Faux Suede
Melissa Black Leopard
Wedge Heel

Silver Studded Creepers

Breana Faux Suede

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