MUSIC – Who danced with Prince the best?

Prince with The Twinz

5 thoughts on “MUSIC – Who danced with Prince the best?

  1. WOW! Violet… From 1979 ay…You are a true original fan. I’d love to interview you, get to learn about the vibe back then. If you ever wanna share your experiences email me I can’t pay you, but I can tell your story in the best way I can. Purple Love Donna

    1. Hello,
      ♥ 4 1 Another live 4 ♥~ I would be happy to tell you my connection with Prince. I’m not sure where I would start. The first time I saw him was perform was on American Bandstand…the rest just goes on and on. E-mail and I would be glad 2 share.

    1. Thanks for your comment Violetorgangrinder. Cat is certainly proving to be the favourite. Hope you’ll join me again, comments about Prince gratefully appreciated. Purple Love, Donna x

      1. Your welcome~I’am a Prince-Fam since 1979. Prince is real musician, singer, song writer producer. Who is very passionate about his work.~Stay, Beautiful, Loved and Blessed.

        Tampa Bay FL
        AKA-“Private Joy” and”Violet The Organ Grinder”

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