TOWIE’S Joey Essex Brings D’reem To Coventry

Joey Essex
Copyright Lady Syxess

Coventry fans of ITV 2‘s The Only Way Is Essex were treated to a personal appearance from the reality show‘s favourite, Joey Essex, this morning (Friday 28th Sept 2012). A little later than the scheduled time of 11:30, Joey and his team pulled up into Coventry’s, Morrison’s (Holyhead Road) supermarket car park to promote the new Surf (who sponsor the show) fragrance, d’reem. The turnout for Joey’s visit to the city was quite poor considering the popularity of the show. I suspect that was down to minimal pre-warning of the event and Coventarians mindset of little belief that a celebrity would be appearing at Morrison’s supermarket.  Typically, the heavens opened in the morning but just before Mr Essex’s arrival, the rain stopped and the sun came out.

Joey Essex and fan at Coventry 28/09/2012

I’m not a big fan of the show but I do tune in occasionally and living locally I thought I’d check out the scene and if he didn’t show I could just get on with my weekly shop. My journalistic instinct also kicked in so, accompanied by my mother and sister, armed with my camera I observingly waited in line for my signed autograph and photo with Joey, after purchasing my Surf liquid in order to secure a VIP pass. Well…what a waste of time and effort that was, although I do like the d’reem liquid fragrance. I didn’t get no autograph as I, like many others, was rudely ushered out of the Surf ‘beach hut’ by one of Joey’s PR people and I’m waiting on the pictures, taken by a professional photographer to be uploaded on a website.

Joey Essex and fan at Morrison’s, Coventry
Copyright Lady Syxess

Joey came across as a friendly guy with manners his parents should be proud of and a beautiful set of pearly whites. He’s quite thin and those jeans are so bloody tight. I also have to say…he is a good looking kid too! I get the attraction now. The schedule of promoting Surf across the country must be tiring and he promotes himself as a person brilliantly. However, his management team need to show a little respect to the fans and public that support the stars of the show. If I had been a die-hard fan, I’d have been gutted by the attitude I witnessed today. I managed to sneak a few pictures of my own (it’s handy being little sometimes) and hope they may be of use to any of the people in them that didn’t get a picture with Joey.

Joey Essex PA in Coventry 2012
Another Happy Fan with Joey Essex
Copyright: Lady Syxess
Joey Essex in Coventry, September 2012
Copyright Lady Syxess
Member of Surf promotions team. Didn’t catch his name but a really friendly guy who looked after the crowd brilliantly.
Joey Essex prepares to greet and meet fans in Coventry

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