CELEBRITIES – Top 5 Celebrity Cropped Hairstyles

Rihanna showcasing her new ‘do’ at the American VMA’s

Singer Rihanna made the headlines (again) earlier this month with her new cropped hairstyle. Cynics have come up with numerous unfounded ‘reasons’ for her ‘drastic’ change, but Rihanna is always changing up her hairstyle. Public opinion on the short pixie style crop is divided, but personally, I think short styles suit Rihanna better. She looks refreshed, its cut to suit the shape of her face and highlights her eyes and cheek bones.

I’ve been a fan of  the cropped cut for years but somehow never found the balls courage to ditch my locks.  Here follows are my Top 5 favourite celebrity crops that have tempted me over the years:

Nia Long
  1. American actress, Nia Long (Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Friday, Big Momma’s House) is in the number 1 spot with her crop. The pretty petite actress smoothes it and spikes it to funk it up and has a fabulous smile that completes her look.  She does occasionally sport longer tresses but the crop is her trademark style.

    Halle Berry
  2. Hollywood‘s Halle Berry (Boomerang, Monster’s Ball and X men), like Nia, is known for her short styles.  She often throws highlights in the mix to spunk it up and the crop keeps her looking fresh.

    Ingrid Chavez
  3. Number 3 is the gorgeous poet, vocalist, poet and photographer Ingrid Chavez who’s tousled waves I envied back in 1990 when she appeared in the Prince movie, Graffiti Bridge.  The above picture shows her hair slightly longer than in the movie but effectively stylish all the same.

    Omar and Keisha Epps
  4. Former 90’s R&B group Total’s Keisha Epps (formerly Spivey) rocked her crop cut to give her that “bad girl” edge during her Total days.  In recent years she has been seen with longer bobbed styles but looks best with it short.  Her band member, Pamela Long also wore her hair cropped, sculptured to her skull so I’ve got to give double props for Number 4.

    Image Source: http://www.ruggedelegantliving.com
  5. Last but not least is the fabulous, American Idol 3 winner, Fantasia Burrino.  Her short crop defined her spirit and personality during the 2004 singing competition.  She glams it up and ghetto’s it down and keeps it shiny and fresh.


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