Micheal Jackson Anniversary

Cover of "King of Pop: Japan"
Cover of King of Pop: Japan


Michael Jackson was such a huge part of my childhood and a figure of interest through to adulthood. 3 years gone and its still hard for me to accept that the King of Pop, one of the most media sought personalities is no longer on this Earth with us. Thankfully he has left a lasting legacy of fabulous music behind.


Shemeka Medina-Smith

Today marks 3 yrs for the Mega Superstar/Singer MJ. We miss you dearly. You made history and moved many mountains. I love you bro. You alwayz made me feel better. You use to put me to sleep. When I was sad, I would put your music on and sing with you and I was much better. Micheal you are a great person and will continue to be a great person.   Your children are beautiful and getting bigger. They miss you Micheal and I do too. Micheal is a great person with a beautiful soul. You will always be remembered. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your life, struggle, pain and happiness more than anything. 🙂   *courtesy of Us magazine.   Have a great day ppl…. 😉 M.B.

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