Nicole Scherzinger offered £500,000 to join UK X Factor panel

Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been reported in today’s (03/06/2012) UK press that Nicole Scherzinger impressed X Factor bosses so much last week during her stand-in judge stint that they are about to offer her the permanent role for £500,000.

The former Pussycat Doll, 33, impressed UK X Factor fans when she filled in for then judge, Cheryl Cole (who had malaria at the time) a couple of years ago. Last year she judged and mentored the ‘over 30s’ in the US version of the show only to be shafted by Simon Cowell who has replaced both Nicole and Paula Abdul with Britney Spears and Demi Lovato.

Nicole Scherzinger; popular judge

Joining the UK panel could be a good thing for Nicole’s relationship with British Formula One racing driver, Lewis Hamilton as their careers and long distance relationship has caused them to split a number of times. Having to commit herself to the X Factor would see Nicole spending a great deal of time in the UK right up the finals in December which would mean she’d be closer to Lewis. However, the public interest and media intrusion with X Factor judges would see her relationship under enormous scrutiny. Cheryl Cole’s marriage suffered (although that was mainly down to Ashley being unable to keep his tackle in his pants) and Tulisa’s relationship with fellow N Dubz, Fazer fell apart after she joined the show last year. Nicole herself, was said to have been in a secret relationship with US X Factor presenter, Steve Jones last year.

Before Nicole even thinks of signing the dotted line, there are two more important points I think she should consider. First is the pay. £500,000 is a lot of dough to the you and me brother/sister but in the TV world, especially a big show like X Factor, its just change. Former judge and Simon’s old squeeze, Danni Minogue was rumoured to have been offered £1 million to return this year and until Mr Cowell finally got the message Cheryl Cole didn’t want to be his pretty puppet, she was offered round about a million or more to return to her chair or be a judge on Britain’s Got Talent. Why should Nicole settle for less? She’s a successful recording artist, she has audition experience and she’s worth more. Producers would have to shell out far more than £500,000 for numerous temporary judges.

Finally, Nicole should note that British fans can be very fickle and very erm… British. Already, messages have been left on forums that the judge should be “British” and that Nicole isn’t “talented enough” to fill the spot. Much loved (when she was in Destiny’s Child and in America) Kelly Rowland faced enormous backlash when she joined the panel last year. Fans turned on her when she said things they didn’t agree with. Rival talent show, The Voice judge, Will.I.Am has also faced criticism for his “American” ways and “annoying” slang. If Nicole can prepare herself for that and rise above it then I feel she’d be the girl for the job, but she still needs to haggle for more money.

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