Happy Earthday, Rafael Nadal 3rd June


Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal (Photo credit: James Marvin Phelps)

I have been an avid tennis fan (viewer not player) ever since I was forced to watch the sport one summer with an Uncle as a young child. Wimbledon is my favourite tournament to watch and this year I will be rooting for birthday boy Rafa Nadal to reclaim his Championship trophy.

Spanish Señor Rafael Nadal Parera celebrates his 26th birthday today whilst competing in the French Open Championship. Nicknamed the “King of Clay”, it is expected that he’ll sail through to the finals but Nadal is my “King of Grass” too. Male tennis can be extremely frustrating to watch if the players have no character. Since popular players like Boris Becker, Andre Agassi and Goran Ivanišević  retired from play, male tennis had been pretty straightforward till Rafa hit the scene.

Rafa has a left-handed serve and a two-handed back hand slice. He plays aggressively behind the baseline and is a firm defender chasing down almost every ball served or returned to him. He is a fast, furious and often funny player to watch, constantly fiddling with his hair, sweatbands and shorts and his beaver like face displaying an array of frustrating emotions as he fights every battle on court. He is extremely fit, has a good physique and a bottom that ladies love to watch swagger from side to side as he waits for his opponent to serve him the ball.

Image Source: http://www.tyden.cz

Rafa was introduced to playing tennis as a three year old by his Uncle and coach, Toni Nadal. He became a professional at the age of 15 and has won 15 Glam Slam titles, 10 as winner, 5 as runner-up. His main rivals in the game are Roger Federer (Switzerland) and Novak Djokovic (Serbia) who took his Wimbledon title last year and a further two Championships on hard surface. Djokovic is currently the worlds number 1 player and Rafa will be fighting to reclaim his spot this year.

Image Source: news.bbcimg.co.uk

An avid football fan, Rafa supports Real Madrid and also plays golf in his free time. He has been dating girlfriend, Maria Francisca Perello since 2005 and appeared in Shakira‘s music video, Gypsy in 2010.

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