Donnatella’s Scoop – Hottest Celebrity Stories in UK This Week!

Andre Benjamin, Rita Ora, Kim Kardashian and more made UK headlines this week (28th May – 1st June 2012).  Here’s my pick of the best celebrity stories flying around the UK.

Andre Benjamin Starts Filming Hendrix Movie

Andre Benjamin filming in Dublin, Ireland

This picture was featured in The Sun (29th May 2012) of Andre 3000 Benjamin hiding his costume whilst filming takes place of Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side. Shooting takes place in Dublin and I sincerely cannot wait for this movie to be released. Jimi was only on this earth for a short while ( he was just 27 when he died) but what a musical legacy he left behind and if you’ve read any of the genuine biographies of his life, he was also a beautiful, yet trouble minded person. I think Andre will do the role justice and he’s got the hip thrusts to pull of those unforgettable Hendirx guitar moves.

Robin Gibb Funeral Announcement

Image Source:

The funeral of the late Bee Gees star, Robin Gibb will take place next Friday (June 8th). The ceremony will be a private affair for close friends and family only but a public memorial is expected to take place in honour of the singer/songwriter/producer in September at St Pauls Cathedral

Amy Winehouse‘s House Up For Sale

Image Source:

After Amy Winehouse’s death last year her family announced that they were going to use the house where she lived and died in Camden Square, London as a headquarters for the Amy Winehouse Foundation run by Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse. Obviously plans have changed as the three double bedroomed pad is now up for sale at £2.7 million. No official statement has been released by the family but a ‘close source’ has said it wasn’t “practical to keep the property empty whilst paying for its upkeep” and no family members felt they could live there. Its such a shame as Amy really loved her home and fans still continue to treat it as a shrine to the singer, some leaving alcohol and cigarettes as a tribute. The pictures of the house show its beauty and the price is quite reasonable considering the ‘celebrity’ value but what type of person could live in a house with such tragic history?

Check out these exclusive pictures of Amy’s house

Image Source:
The Kitchen
Image Source: 

 Please excuse the photo editing, I tried my best (-Donna)

Rita Ora and Nicole Scherzinger Wow UK X Factor Crowds

Rita Ora arriving at Londons 2012 UK X Factor auditions

The auditions for this years UK X Factor competition started this week and as Simon hasn’t been able to find anyone (brave enough or stupid enough) to take the place of last years judge Kelly Rowland, numerous celebrity fill ins will take the spot until Simon can the perfect one that he hopes will woo the crowds and pull in the viewers so he can keep the number 1 Saturday night highest viewing spot and boost that high ego of his. Last years American X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger and musics hottest new female act, Rita Ora parked their booties in the judging chair and delighted crowds at the 02 arena in London. Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell kicked off the fill in spot in Liverpool but faced boos from the crowd and was slated in the press for her flamboyant posing and playing up to the cameras. Any comments about who you would like to be in the judging chair this year would be gratefully appreciated.

Here’s an exclusive picture of Rita Ora as a teenager when she studied at The Sylvia Young Theatre school

Rita Ora

Kim Kardashian Luggage ‘Stolen’ by Heathrow Staff

After landing back in the US following a visit to the UK, the reality princess claimed that airport staff at Heathrow had rummaged through her luggage and stolen a number of expensive and irreplaceable items including her late fathers sunshades. I sincerely sympathise with Kim and hopes she takes further investigation as to what happened to her belongings. Heathrow earned the nickname “Thiefrow” in the 80s due to high amounts of theft being reported. Thousands of passengers have their belongings stolen or destroyed every year and find no help or sympathy from British Airways/Heathrow staff. Unfortunately, unlike Kim, they don’t own many clothes or have the money to replace them. They don’t have their lives filmed on camera so if a camera/laptop is stolen they’ll never be able to get those images back if they don’t have back up data. Fight for your rights Kim and fight for the people. Airports should not have the right to rummage through passengers luggage without reason of serious suspicion and they should face responsibility for missing items when evidence shows they are at fault.

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