Happy Earthday To Lenny Kravitz Born 1964

Smooth and Sensual, Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz (Photo credit: OpenEye)

Leonard (Lenny) Albert Kravitz celebrates his 48th birthday today. I have been a fan of the singer, songwriter, musician, actor and interior designer ever since he released “It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over” (dedicated to his then wife, Cosby Show actress Lisa Bonet) in 1991. I love the way Lenny’s vocals can go from growling passion to delicate kisses on the back of your neck within a song.


Red Hot Lenny

I love me a brotha with a guitar and Lenny is certainly able to pluck them strings. He’s also super gorgeous too. When he cut those locks off I was like those school girls that wet themselves over Justin Bieber. Lenny also looks hot in tight trousers/pants and not a lot of men can pull that look off. Lenny’s pants has led to him being called Lenny ‘Krutches’ by members of my family. As I listened to a lot of his music in my better hearing days (and I still blast a CD every once in a while in the present too) my nan would say (in her Jamaican accent) “See di Lenny Krutches bwoy Donna luv deh” whenever he appeared on TV. The name stuck.

Lenny’s role as John McFadden, the nurse in Precious showed him in a totally different light than his usual cool rock image. He brought sensitivity, humour and comfort to his character, making John totally believable.

Circus album cover
Image Source: Wikipedia

Lenny has one child, a daughter Zoe, 24, from his marriage to Lisa Bonet.

Lenny you’ve aged gracefully and your still hot brotha. Keep rocking and have a fabulous day!!! XXX


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