Happy Earthday Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell at FashionWeekLive in San Franc...
Naomi Campbell at FashionWeekLive in San Francisco, March 15, 2007. Photo by Jesse Gross. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Earthday to the original Supermodel, Naomi Campbell who celebrates her 42nd year today. A typical Taurus, Naomi is strong willed and forthright.  She is one of the UK’s most loved black celebrities within the black community as she put black models on the map in the fashion world.

Naomi was just 15 when she was scouted by Synchro Modelling agency. By the late 80s Naomi along with Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista became top demand                                                                                                                            for catwalks worldwide, their popularity which also included appearances in pop videos, created the term ‘Supermodel’.


Naomi has appeared in music videos by Bob Marley, George Michael and the late Michael Jackson

Despite her status, Naomi claims she has faced racism and lower pay than her white counterparts.

Well known for her tantrums and drug use, Naomi also works with numerous charities including Nelson Mandela‘s Children Fund and has been awarded for her contribution as an ambassador for the White Ribbon Alliance.


She currently resides in Moscow now with her partner, Vladislav Doronin.




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