Happy Earthday Grace Jones

64 years ago today, 19th May, Grace Jones was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica. She became a model in the 70s, most notable for her work with Andy Warhol and her love of the club scene inspired a long standing musical career with well known hits like Pull Up To The Bumper (1981) and Slave To The Rhythm (1985).

Sorry (Grace Jones song)
Sorry (Grace Jones song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Striking Smile! Grace Jones is 64 today

As a child of the 80s, I was terrified of Jones’ fierce androgynous look, the first time I seen her on TV I had nightmares as I thought she was coming to get me. Family members still tease me for this now.

Grace has also achieved acquired success as an actress. In her debut movie, Conan the Barbarian (1984) she was cast alongside Arnold Schwarzeneger. She went on to be Bond Villain, May Day in A View To A Kill (1985) and it was her role in Eddie Murphy‘s Boomerang that stopped me being in fear of her and able to appreciate that unique beauty amongst those striking features.

Watch Grace perform Slave To The Rhythm live, aged 61.

Grace has been married twice and has one child, a son named Paulo.

Although her public status has quietened down in recent times she still makes music and tours. Grace has an enormous gay following and her outlandish style of dress can be noted as an inspiration for the widely known Lady Gaga.

Information Source Credit : Wikipedia

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