RIP Donna Summer, Disco Queen


So sad to hear that the Queen of Disco, Donna Summer passed away today after a battle with cancer. The 63 year old was the Hot Stuff of disco music in the 70s and early 80s, She Worked Hard For The Money and became an inspiration to up and coming black female artists. Some of her contemporaries called her the ‘original diva’.

The beautiful Donna Summer


Miss Summer may you rest in peace, your legacy continue and may you Have Dinner With Gershwin. We Love To Love You Baby.


5 thoughts on “RIP Donna Summer, Disco Queen

  1. Indeed a great tribute to a great lady. I had the pleasure of living through the era of Donna Summer having seen her perform each time she graced the stage of Madison Square Garden, NYC.

    Dancing all night long in the disco and dancehalls of NYC, I have in storage EVERYONE of her compositions (album). (Lots of good that does me now as I no longer own a turn player.) Thus, I will be purchasing her work on CD and DVD and keeping them out of the hands of my son, nieces and their children who happen to also be Summers fans.

    What a lady. God bless her.

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