Nia Long To Play Whitney Houston In Biography

Whitney Houston 1963-2012... We will always lo...


Although its just been two months since the passing of the singer Whitney Houston there has already been talk of a movie about the superstars life. Hot in the line-up to play Whitney are singers Rihanna and Jennifer Hudson as well as Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina. I don’t agree with any of the choices and believe actress Nia Long would be more suited to play the role.

                  Why The Current Line Up Doesn’t Fit The Bill

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Rihanna : Next to Beyonce, Rihanna is one of the hottest black female mainstream artists right now but can you see any resemblance to Whitney? Not in the slightest. First of all they are different shades of colour. I know a lot of non-blacks see all black people as the same but within the black community Rihanna would be considered to be of a light/red skin complexion. Whitney was chocolate brown. UK journalists are ranting about the similarities in their looks but I can’t see any resemblance between Whitney and Rihanna. Both beautiful women but two different types of features altogether. Rihanna has just made her debut movie Battleship and may be a fine actress in the making but she’d have to be mega awesome and spend mega hours in make-up before she could bring Whitney alive to the screen.


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Jennifer Hudson : Jennifer won her Oscar for Dreamgirls in 2007 and has a powerful voice on par with Whitney but could she pull off playing the singer? Out of the three choices in the line up, Jennifer is probably the closest match but I just don’t think it would work. I’m not saying Miss Hudson can’t express emotion but her features are harder than the delicate ones of Whitney. Her frame is also heavier which means she would have to lose more weight to play the part. Jennifer’s lost enough weight already and losing more wouldn’t do her any favours, especially not playing Whitney Houston.


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Bobbi Kristina Brown : According to the press, Whitney’s daughter feels that she should play her mother as she knew her best. I disagree. Whitney’s death is still fresh and the grieving wounds are raw. Bobbi Kristina has plans to follow her mothers path in singing and acting and if this was 10 years down the line I’d think “maybe”. However, Bobbi is a nineteen year old that lost her superstar mother in tragic circumstances and thrust into the spotlight without any warning. Playing her mother in her debut movie and dealing with all those raw emotions and media attention would be too much pressure for the youngster to handle, I feel. She could play herself in the movie and be a consultant/adviser to make sure her mother is portrayed correctly and truthfully. That would be more rewarding.

My Choice


Nia Long is probably best known for her comedy roles (Big Momma’s House, Are We There Yet?, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) but the diversity in which she portrays her characters makes her firm choice to play Whitney. Her range in comedy and drama in a long line of movies and the TV drama Third Watch shows her versatility as actress. Her looks are the closest I can think of to compare with Whitney’s. I’d say Whitney was taller but the complexion, features and the frame are almost A1. Nia may not be a singer but if she wanted the role I’m certain she could pull it off and producers could always dub over her voice with Whitney’s. Look how Angela Basset pulled off playing Tina Turner. Classic. Movie makers; Nia Long is your Whitney.

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